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Staff Management

Our salon employee management software ensures your staff is more productive and helps you grow your revenue. When you have an efficiently managed system to track team performance, your employees will feel more motivated. MioSalon provides you with all the information you need about your employees, within a single click. You can just analyze their productivity and reward them with incentives. The software automatically tracks staff commissioning and calculates pay-outs based on that.

  • Staff list

    The list includes names of all your staff members along with their contact information such as email ID and mobile number. Add more staff at any time or even edit the list.

  • Daily working hours

    Manage the number of working hours clocked by every employee with this feature. Record the start time and end time of every staff member.

  • Automated work reminders

    MioSalon sends out automated reminders to all your employees regarding their schedule be it bookings, rescheduling or cancellations. The salon management software also syncs with Google Calendar and gives your staff the liberty to view their appointments in real-time. This ensures maximum productivity.

  • Commission profile

    Create a commission profile for your staff. You can choose commission by target or item.

    • Commission by target

      Set the commission slab for staff members which they have to meet within a given period of time. For example: Set the commission value as 10% if they are able to meet a target of Rs. 10,000 within a particular period.

    • Commission by item

      This allows you to set the commission by the value of items or retail products sold. For example: For every bridal makeup service sold, you can assign the commission as 10%.

  • Staff commission

    List the names of the staff members and the commission profile against each person's name. Based on the targets met, you can edit the commission profile at any time.

  • Staff performance analysis

    To keep the wheels of your business running smoothly, you should use our online salon software. It gives you insights and generates reports on staff performance, total hours booked, number of products sold and client retention rate for each team member. Everything an employee does is stored on the software. This will help you recognize top performers and incentivize them accordingly.

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Client management
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