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Staff Management

Streamline your staff management process with our powerful Staff Management module. Stay organized by tracking both serviceable and non-serviceable staff, monitoring their skills and appointments. Empower your team with personalized accounts, comprehensive permission controls, and advanced performance tracking. Simplify scheduling, streamline attendance, and optimize commission models to boost motivation, productivity, and ultimately drive success. Stay connected with real-time updates and notifications, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration throughout your business. Elevate your staff management and unlock the full potential of your team with our intuitive and efficient solution.

Manage Staff Skills and Assignments

  • Control serviceable staff and their assigned services for optimized appointment management.

  • Ensure the right staff is assigned to each service, enhancing customer experience.

Staff Accounts and Permission Controls

  • Create individual staff accounts for easy tracking of appointments, sales, and incentives.

  • Customize permission levels to control staff access, data download, and data privacy.

Schedule Management and Attendance

  • Effortlessly manage staff schedules, including working hours, recurring blocks, leaves, and ad-hoc time.

  • Monitor staff attendance for accurate records and efficient resource allocation.

Appointment Assignment Control

  • Determine staff availability for online, phone, or walk-in appointments.

  • Fine-tune appointment booking options to match staff preferences and salon requirements.

Commission Models and Incentives

  • Motivate staff with flexible commission models tailored to their roles and expertise.

  • Define commission rules and profiles for different staff categories, fostering performance-driven outcomes.

Performance Updates and Notifications

  • Provide daily performance summaries to keep staff informed and motivated.

  • Send timely notifications for appointments, reminders, feedback requests, and other important updates.

Maximize staff efficiency, engagement, and satisfaction with our comprehensive Staff Management module.

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