Save time on tracking

Track employee attendance, performance and commissions all at one place. Monitor the working hours, recurring blocks, leaves and block/break time.

Check, schedule and notify staff for new, rescheduled or canceled appointments.


Customized access control

Create an individual staff account with login access for easy management of appointments, sales and reports. Customize the permission levels to control staff access, data download and privacy.

Allocate staff for each service and tag products for internal consumption or retail sales.

Send automated notifications

Update daily, weekly, or monthly performance summary reports to the staff and admin users. Send automated appointment notifications and reminders to staff on upcoming appointments.

Get immediate alerts on bill cancellations, negative feedback, and unauthorized customer data downloads.


Maximizing staff performance

Advanced, flexible and customized commission profiles to provide incentives based on targets.

Create multiple commission profiles that suit your business, whether it is a target or slab based model.