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Gift Vouchers

Gift card sales is a great way to boost cash flow and attract new clients. They can be sold online or kept at your salon front desk to raise awareness. Most people face a struggle when it comes to buying a gift for someone. You have the choice to make your salon the perfect gift. MioSalon has created a simple solution to sell, track and redeem gift vouchers. There are two kinds of gift vouchers the software offers - fixed gift voucher and customizable gift voucher. In fact, branded gift cards entice new clients.

  • Fixed gift vouchers

    This includes gift vouchers sold at a fixed amount to a client. In these type of gift cards, the value cannot be changed as it is fixed. For example, if someone receives a gift card from your salon worth Rs. 1,000, they can only redeem services worth that and pay extra for any additional service redeemed.

  • Customisable gift vouchers

    The value for customizable gift vouchers can be edited at the time of sale. The salon manager can also define the usage criteria such as allowing redemption across all centers or limiting it to a particular branch. Customizable gift vouchers sell like hot cakes during festivals and the holiday season.

  • Limited front desk interaction

    If you want to focus on serving customers better and limit front desk interaction, sell gift cards online. All you have to do is select the ???enable online sale??? option on the software. With this, your clients will be able to seamlessly purchase gift cards online.

  • Sell gift cards even when you're closed

    The best part about gift cards is that they can be sold anytime even during non-business hours. It ensures that the revenue keeps flowing. Gift cards can be sold on your online mini-website. MioSalon allows you to make your gift cards as flexible as possible.

  • Run seasonal campaigns

    Holidays, festivals and seasonal campaigns are a good time to promote gift cards. During Black Friday, Christmas, New Year and Easter, gift card sales boom. Use this to your advantage to push more gift card sales. You can set custom offers or allow additional credit, which will help you boost sales during these blackout days.

  • Branded gift cards

    If you want your salon gift cards to sell like hot cakes, they must also look the part. Ensure holiday gift cards have a personalized design and message.

  • Promote your gift cards via SMS and email marketing

    Use your MioSalon, beauty parlor software, to promote your online gift vouchers. Send the link with every message too so that it is easy and quick for your clients to purchase them.

  • Migrate sold gift vouchers

    MioSalon makes it simple to migrate sold gift vouchers into the software. If you've sold a certain number of gift vouchers online, migrate them into MioSalon so that they can be tracked easily.

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