Create Custom Prepaid Cards

  • Cater to different client types with prepaid cards at various values

  • Secure guaranteed revenue through prepaid card sales

  • Offer flexibility with expiry dates to suit client preferences and business requirements

Create Custom Prepaid Cards & categories
Secure OTP-Enabled Redemption & categories

Secure OTP-Enabled Redemption

  • Protect client's prepaid balance with an additional layer of security

  • Prevent unauthorized redemption through OTP verification

  • Enhance trust and confidence in the prepaid system

Extend Prepaid Expiry Dates

  • Retain client satisfaction by accommodating special cases

  • Build trust and loyalty by demonstrating flexibility and understanding

  • Ensure clients have ample time to utilize their prepaid credits

Extend Prepaid Expiry Dates & categories
Staff Incentives for Prepaid Sales and Redemption & categories

Staff Incentives for Prepaid Sales and Redemption

  • Motivate staff to actively promote and sell prepaid cards

  • Drive prepaid card adoption and revenue generation

  • Control commission spending for both sales and redemptions, optimizing incentives

Centralized Prepaid Across Outlets

  • Enable clients to redeem prepaid balances at any salon outlet

  • Provide convenience and flexibility in utilizing prepaid credits

  • Streamline operations by centralizing prepaid management

Centralized Prepaid Across Outlets & categories
Customizable Tax Settings & categories

Customizable Tax Settings

  • Flexibility to apply taxes at the time of prepaid sale or redemption

  • Optimize operational efficiency and comply with tax regulations

  • Enhance client trust by transparently managing taxation

Automated Expiry Reminders

  • Proactively notify clients about impending prepaid card expirations

  • Reduce the risk of unused prepaid credits by reminding clients to utilize them

  • Enhance customer experience and maximize prepaid card utilization

Automated Expiry Reminders & categories