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Prepaid Card Management

Boost salon revenue and enhance client satisfaction with our Prepaid Card Management module. Create customizable prepaid cards, secure transactions, and drive client loyalty with automated reminders and staff incentives.

Create Custom Prepaid Cards

  • Cater to different client types with prepaid cards at various values

  • Secure guaranteed revenue through prepaid card sales

  • Offer flexibility with expiry dates to suit client preferences and business requirements

Secure OTP-Enabled Redemption

  • Protect client's prepaid balance with an additional layer of security

  • Prevent unauthorized redemption through OTP verification

  • Enhance trust and confidence in the prepaid system

Extend Prepaid Expiry Dates

  • Retain client satisfaction by accommodating special cases

  • Build trust and loyalty by demonstrating flexibility and understanding

  • Ensure clients have ample time to utilize their prepaid credits

Automated Expiry Reminders

  • Proactively notify clients about impending prepaid card expirations

  • Reduce the risk of unused prepaid credits by reminding clients to utilize them

  • Enhance customer experience and maximize prepaid card utilization

Centralized Prepaid Across Outlets

  • Enable clients to redeem prepaid balances at any salon outlet

  • Provide convenience and flexibility in utilizing prepaid credits

  • Streamline operations by centralizing prepaid management

Customizable Tax Settings

  • Flexibility to apply taxes at the time of prepaid sale or redemption

  • Optimize operational efficiency and comply with tax regulations

  • Enhance client trust by transparently managing taxation

Staff Incentives for Prepaid Sales and Redemption

  • Motivate staff to actively promote and sell prepaid cards

  • Drive prepaid card adoption and revenue generation

  • Control commission spending for both sales and redemptions, optimizing incentives

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