Appointment Calendar

Gain a comprehensive overview of appointments with the color-coded visual representation in calendar view.

Manage new bookings, block time, reschedule or cancel appointments. Conveniently drag and drop appointments for rescheduling and extend time slots without impacting other schedules.

Appointment Calendar
Optimized  Resource Allocation

Optimized Resource Allocation

Allocate rooms and equipment specifically required for that service and set buffer timing before and after service to keep the resources ready for the next appointment. Clients can choose their preferred services, time slot and staff.

Simplified Recurring Appointments

Effortlessly schedule recurring appointments for services in advance to prevent double bookings and ensure no schedules are missed.

Generate consistent revenue and improve client retention with recurring appointments.

Personalized Notifications

Send automated appointment follow-ups via WhatsApp, SMS and email to ensure your clients are up to date with their scheduled appointments. Enhance the client experience by collecting consent forms to customize their service.

Automate the delivery of reminders related to appointments, services, coupons, prepaid, and more, which significantly reduces no-shows and the underutilization of remaining services.

Quick Client Insights

View detailed appointment information, including appointment notes and pending client actions such as due payments, prepaid, membership, packages and transaction details.

Access complete client profiles and provide personalized service based on the last visit, consent form information, transactions and more to ensure a pleasant experience.

Quick Client Insights