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Multi-Outlet & Centralized Reports

If you have more than one salon location, MioSalon is something you definitely need to get. It helps you manage multiple locations within a few clicks. It's a salon location management software you didn't know you needed. It's also the best way to create a convenient user-experience and take your brand to the next level. From management and marketing to tracking and reporting, the salon software does it all while giving you insights in real-time.

Salon software for multi location
  • Manage locations on the go

    MioSalon allows you to manage multiple salon and spa locations from anywhere and at any time. Login from your tablet, PC, mobile or laptop to see how your salon is doing. You can even track the productivity of your team when you're on a holiday. This makes MioSalon the most sought-after salon and spa software. You can even switch between your salon outlets at the touch of a button. Get everything you need in one place without logging-in to a separate account.

  • Analyse inventory across multiple locations

    Multiple locations brings with it the stress to manage inventory. With MioSalon, analyzing inventory across multiple locations is a breeze. You can get real-time information on stock and product availability, and can replenish it in no time by contacting your supplier/distributor on the software.

  • Consolidated reports

    Whether you need to track the progress of all your locations or deep dive into a particular location, MioSalon's powerful reporting feature gives you access to consolidated reports, and helps you understand the sales and revenue of each salon outlet from one central location. This seamless interactivity between locations allows you to work in unison with your team members

  • Centralised membership

    Make it easy for your clients to redeem their membership program. Use our online salon software to share information with other branches seamlessly. This will help them avail the requested services with ease no matter which location of your salon they visit.

  • Stock transfers

    With our centralized salon location management system, you can easily synchronize inter-branch products and stock transfers. It helps you understand which retail products are available at which location. It also boosts sales and improves overall business efficiency.

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