Multiple location management

Manage multiple locations in a single login. Access detailed insights about each location's performance, appointments, inventory, and financials with a few clicks from a single login.

Gain efficient management and personalized attention across all your outlets.


Centralized Management

Manage membership, prepaid, and gift vouchers centrally. Create, sell, and redeem from any location.

Get detailed performance insights from all locations. Easily transfer and track products from one location to another.

Independent Management

Manage prepaid, packages, gift vouchers, memberships, discount coupons, greetings and more with location-level management.

Target specific audiences and attract new clients with strategic voucher campaigns.


Unified Client Experience

Decide whether to share the client base across locations to provide a consistent and unified experience.

Maintain a centralized client record, enabling personalized service based on their history, regardless of the location they visit.

Centralized notification credits

Take control of your notification costs by centrally or independently managing the purchase of SMS or WhatsApp credits.

Allocate notification credits according to your business needs, ensuring effective communication and marketing strategies.