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MioSalon is a one-stop solution that takes care of all your bookkeeping needs. It ensures you and your team are on the same page by managing all the vital aspects of your business from one location. From accounting to inventory, payments and scheduling, it does it all. It also takes care of expense management and cash registry.

Salon Inventory Management
  • Product inventory management

    Salon inventory management software makes stock-taking a lot easier. Get notified each time your product goes below the set threshold level. The software also makes it possible to manage product usage, expiry and purchase orders with its simplified management tools. Detailed inventory reports prevent theft and pilferage from occurring on your salon floor.

  • Employee management

    Get all the details about your team members and employees within a few clicks. The salon software helps you analyze their productivity and helps you give them incentives. It also automatically tracks staff commissioning and calculates pay-outs based on that.

  • Client management

    If you want your clients to rebook a service with you, you have to personalize the experience each time they come in. MioSalon maintains a 360 degree client profile which includes past service history, many other things. It also helps you keep a track of past purchases and appointment history so that you can send out discount coupons via SMS and email.

  • Expense management

    Our salon accounting solution helps you record and audit all internal expenses. The software keeps track of where your money is being spent. It also records client expenditures to ensure swift processing of payments. In case there are pending client payments, get instant notifications to minimize any kind of revenue loss.

  • Cash Registry

    Our beauty salon software also offers cash registry. It helps salons and spa maintain a cash ledger and get cash balance details in a daily summary report. Cash registry also offers editing of receipts and modification of invoices until the end of the collection process. Based on each day's collection, cash can be tracked by different denominations too.

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