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Optimize your business record management with our comprehensive Business Record Management feature. Track daily expenses, maintain cash registries, manage non-serviceable staff with customized access controls, and define fine-grained user access permissions. Stay in control of your financials, streamline operations, and enhance productivity with MioSalon's Business Record Management feature.

Expense Tracking

Easily monitor daily expenses, including utility bills, staff expenses, and product purchases. Gain insights into your total outflow and track who spent the money and when. This feature enables you to have a clear understanding of your financials, allowing for better budgeting and expense management.

Cash Registry Management

Maintain accurate records of your cash balance by tracking and signing off on cash at the end of each day. This allows you to reconcile cash balances with denominations, ensuring transparency and accountability in your daily operations. Start each day with confidence, knowing your cash registry is properly balanced.

Non-Serviceable Staff Management

Grant login access and define appropriate access controls for non-serviceable staff members. Assign specific roles, such as accountants for financial management or stockkeepers for inventory tracking. With controlled access, you can streamline operational needs and ensure that each staff member has the necessary tools to perform their tasks efficiently.

Fine-Grained User Access Control

Take full control over user access permissions by defining custom levels of access for each user, including staff members. Grant full access, read-only access, or limited access to sensitive data based on specific roles and responsibilities. This feature allows you to strike the right balance between security and productivity, empowering your team while safeguarding sensitive information.

Enhance your salon's operational efficiency and financial management with MioSalon's Business Record Management feature. Track expenses, maintain cash registries, manage staff access, and control user permissions. Streamline operations, improve productivity, and have a clear overview of your business records for informed decision-making.

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