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Aesthetic Clinic Appointment Management Software

Comprehensive appointment management

Efficiently handle scheduling, organize appointments, customize appointment settings, automate notifications and streamline the overall process.


Aesthetic Clinic Booking Software

24/7 online booking appointment

An intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows patients to select available appointment slots and choose preferred staff from anywhere. Enable patients to book appointments outside of regular clinic hours and provide separate login access for viewing appointment details and invoice information at any time.

Share the website URL and allow clients to book appointments via Google My Business and social media platforms. Integrate with online payment gateways to collect full, partial and minimum payments to control spam bookings and no-shows.

  • Online booking portal
  • Spam booking control
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Client login access
  • login
  • confirmed
  • payment
24/7 online booking appointment

Aesthetic & Skin Clinic Pos Software

Empowering aesthetic & skin clinics

Customize the way you collect payments. MioSalon is integrated with point of sale (POS) and payment gateways to support multiple modes of payment, including card payment, cash payment, full payment, partial payment and split payments. Collect taxes, dues, service charges, miscellaneous charges and more during the checkout. Automatically, an invoice is generated and sent to the client via WhatsApp, SMS or email with a complete breakdown of charges.

  • Customized taxes
  • Automated notifications
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Invoice generation
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Control spam bookings
empowering aesthetic skin clinics
  • payment-method
  • paynow
  • whatsapp
  • integration
streamline clinic handlinng
  • revenue
  • notification
  • inventory

Aesthetic Clinic Management

Streamline clinic handling

Oversee day-to-day operations, manage finances and ensure overall clinic health. Provide separate login access with customized permissions for aestheticians, nurses, administrative personnel, and support staff. Deliver high-quality care and positive patient experiences by addressing patient inquiries and concerns, managing patient records and implementing strategies to enhance satisfaction.

Analyze revenue streams to identify opportunities for expansion and enhance the client experience. Monitor and manage inventory for retail products, internal consumption, and product transfer processes between locations. Maintain an updated list of suppliers to restock low-stock products.

  • Low stock alert
  • In-depth report analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Staff access control

Aesthetic Clinics Automation

Power of automation for optimal operations

Streamline manual tasks, reduce errors and enhance communication through automation. By automating processes, the focus is on minimizing scheduling errors, optimizing processes, digitizing patient records, ensuring accurate billing, tracking payments, simplifying the invoicing process, managing revenue effectively, providing real-time notifications, conducting targeted marketing campaigns, tracking stock levels and more. Leveraging automation optimizes clinic operations, facilitating a seamless and error-free experience for both staff and patients.

  • Seamless checkout
  • Real-time insights
  • Financial maintenance
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Customized messages and reminders
  • Masking customer contacts
  • bills
  • proceed
  • message
  • staff performing
power of automation

Aesthetic & Skin Clinic Software

Move fast with simplified solutions

Optimize operations, 24/7 online bookings, seamless appointment management and the power of automation for seamless and error-free clinic management.

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    Available users
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Frequently Asked Question

What is aesthetic skin clinic software?
Software for skin and aesthetic clinics streamlines daily clinic operations, optimizes overall administration, lowers manual labor, increases revenue and provides precise insights, increases productivity through automation, and simplifies personnel and inventory management. Regular appointments are necessary for skin treatments, and with the help of aesthetic skin clinic software, you may send appointment reminders
Aesthetic and skin clinic software provides comprehensive features including appointment management, Reminders for appointments and services, online booking, billing, inventory tracking, marketing campaigns, automation, robust reporting, multi-location management, staff, and client management.
Yes the aesthetic clinic POS software handles transactions for appointments and product purchases. It's flexible to integrate with multiple payment modes and can accept various payment methods, calculate taxes, staff tips, and special charges, collect minimum payments, full & partial payments, and generate sales reports.
Aesthetic clinic software boosts your business productivity and increases profits by streamlining tasks, patient care, and operations. It saves time by automating scheduling, record maintenance, efficient staff, and inventory management. Ultimately enhance clinic efficiency and patient experience to increase profitability.
Aesthetic clinic inventory management software helps the owners or managers manage the product stock levels, maintain internal product consumptions, transfer products between locations, place orders for low-stock products from suppliers, and receive alerts for low-stock.

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