Customized commission models

Flexible, advanced and customizable incentive models for staff performance. Create multiple commission profiles based on items or targets that suit your business needs.

Tag staff with different commission groups. Apply for staff commissions for services, products, packages, prepaid and membership.


Target based incentives

Create incentive profiles with calculation intervals and items like services, products, etc., based on the defined target.

MioSalon offers high flexibility to have multiple target tiers/slabs that calculate incentives based on staff performance. Calculate incentives either by a fixed value or percentage.

Item-based incentives

MioSalon provides the ability to structure incentives across all items and encourage staff to promote sales by offering commissions.

Manage commissions based on taxes and customize predefined sales thresholds by percentage or value.


Detailed Report

Gain access to a comprehensive report with a complete breakdown of incentives for the target, eligible sales value and commission value for each staff member for the current month, last month or custom period.