Customized & automated feedback

Collect feedback for each invoice automatically and update positive reviews on Google. Flexibility to create customized surveys with different components like multiple choice, short answers, checkboxes and more that align with your objectives.

Measure client satisfaction at multiple touchpoints, from billings to post services.

Customized & automated feedback

Addressing negative feedback

Based on the client's responses, the system intelligently sends subsequent questions for negative feedback to gather more information about clients' negative experiences.

Take timely actions to address negative feedback and enhance client satisfaction.

Multi-channel Feedback Collection

Automatically send feedback requests to clients after each appointment via SMS, WhatsApp, or email to gather feedback on their service experience.

Sent an automated reply to their clients for their valuable feedback.

Build online reputation

Stay ahead of the competition with positive reviews and an online reputation. Reviews act as valuable opinions that can convince new clients to choose your services.

Collect surveys, gain insights and address any shortcomings promptly. "Convert the 5-star rating into positive Google reviews. Get notified and address unhappy customers quickly."

Feedback insights

Gain in-depth customer insights, understand preferences and address customer needs effectively for exceptional experiences.

MioSalon provides comprehensive analytics, including feedback reports, customer response analysis, and summaries detailing the total customers receiving feedback forms alongside their aggregated responses.

Feedback insights