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Feedback System

Feedback is an important aspect of running any business. Our salon management software helps you understand what's being said about your business. It gives you complete control to understand how people treat, react and rate your business. Think of it as a new-age online reputation manager. MioSalon allows you to customize your salon feedback form and get in-depth reporting and feedback before customers decide to rant on social media. You can even share the feedback link with the clients via SMS and email.

Email Campaign
  • Control negative feedback

    Our online salon software helps you understand what's being said about your business.

  • Enhanced reputation

    Enhance your salon's online reputation by getting more 5-star reviews. It's the swiftest way of ensuring your beauty business stands-out from your competition. You can immediately send your clients feedback links after the service and prompt them to leave a review. This can also help you improve your salon's website ranking on Google.

  • Feedback alerts

    No matter how good your services are, there may be some clients who are unhappy with your salon. MioSalon helps you get instant alerts.

  • Feedback response

    In the beauty business, you need to show your clients that you care about their feedback. Irrespective of whether it's negative or positive, respond to feedback online from our cloud salon software's clean and clear dashboard.

  • Rating by SMS

    If you want your clients to give your salon or spa an instant rating, send them a feedback link via SMS after the service and urge them to give you a rating. You can also reward them with a discount on their next visit once they leave a feedback.

  • Feedback at store

    In case your salon clientele includes a lazy bunch of people, you can urge them to leave a review just when they're leaving your salon. Pass them your tablet where your salon software is and ask them to leave a review.

  • Feedback questionnaires

    The beauty of MioSalon is that it allows you to setup feedback questionnaires. You can create a dynamic questionnaire based on the services offered and stylist. You can even base on your questions based on the previous question answer. Setup questions that involve staff performance, appointment timelines, quality of the services and more.

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Google 5-star rating

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