Automatically Request Feedback

Immediately after each service or appointment, the system sends SMS, WhatsApp, or email requests for feedback. This prompt approach ensures timely feedback collection.

  • Timely feedback collection for prompt service improvements.

  • Simplified process with automated requests, reducing manual effort.

  • Increased response rates by capturing feedback while it's fresh.

Customizable Feedback Surveys

Customizable Feedback Surveys

Tailor the feedback survey according to your specific requirements. From simple question sets to detailed questionnaires, you have the flexibility to create surveys that capture the insights you need.

  • Collect feedback on services offered and staff performance for better evaluation

  • Tailor surveys to gather specific insights from customers.

  • Flexibility to adapt question sets to suit diverse requirements.

Conditional Questioning

Gain meaningful insights by leveraging conditional questioning. Based on customers' responses, the system intelligently adjusts subsequent questions, allowing you to dig deeper and uncover actionable feedback.

  • Improved data accuracy by adapting questions based on previous responses.

  • Enhanced feedback quality through personalized and relevant inquiries.

Conditional Questioning

Addressing Negative Feedback

Identify and address negative feedback promptly with targeted question sets. When customers provide low ratings, the system prompts them to provide more details, triggering alerts to staff, managers, and owners. This enables quick action to resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Swift action on negative feedback to address customer concerns.

  • Timely alerts to staff, managers, and owners for immediate action.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by resolving issues promptly.

Boost Online Reputation

Encourage satisfied customers to rate your salon positively on platforms like Google My Business. The system dynamically modifies the question set for highly rated customers, prompting them to leave positive reviews. This helps enhance your online reputation and attract new customers.

  • Encourage positive reviews to strengthen online presence.

  • Attract new customers through an improved online reputation.

With Miosalon's Feedback Module, you can automate the feedback collection process, gain valuable insights, address any shortcomings promptly, and leverage positive feedback to enhance your salon's reputation.