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Running and Managing your Spa just got Easier

MioSalon is a refreshing and intuitive spa management software that takes care of your daily operations, boosts profits and facilitates business growth. You get to focus on offering your client's the best while the spa software takes care of all the mundane tasks.

One Spa Software = Unlimited Features

Booking and scheduling made easy

Booking and scheduling made easy

Spa software makes it easy for your customers to book online without them having to call you and waiting on the phone line. MioSalon's booking widget can be added to your Instagram page, website and mobile app. Clients can schedule their appointment in a few clicks and even make changes to them. The software even sends out timely appointment reminders via SMS and email.

Unique customer segmentation

Enhance your relationship with your clients by using MioSalon's client engagement feature. Get valuable insights into customer activity and maintain a 360-degree customer profile. Based on the frequency of recurring appointments, the spa software automatically tags customers as active and inactive. This data can be used to create targeted promotions to high-spending clients or VIPs to turn them into brand advocates.

Unique customer segmentation
Run Bulk SMS and Email campaigns

Run Bulk SMS and Email campaigns

Spa software makes it easy for you to intimate clients about latest offers, discounts, new product launches, and more. Use the in-built SMS and email feature to send out bulk messages.

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