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Billed Monthly
Billed Yearly

Yearly plan saves 16%


Book appointments against Staff

Color-Coded appointments for easy view

Drag & drop appointments to change timing

Add booking notes against the appointment

Option to allow double booking to not to miss booking

Customize the calendar internal (5,10,15, 30 minutes, etc) based on your convenience.

Switch between 12/24 Hrs Format

Day/Weekly calendar view

Staff view to see staff occupancy.

Setup recurring or ad-hoc staff break/block time

Freeze the confirmed appointments, to avoid accidental edits

Notify clients and staff via SMS & Email.

Send automated reminders to clients and staff via SMS/Email

Setup Recurring Appointments & engage clients and staff through automated reminders

Reserve the shared resources like rooms, equipment along with appointments

Track & assigned preferred staff to increase the client experience and loyalty

Resource view to see resource occupancy.

Get appointment confirmation via Two-Way Text Reply

Print appointment as customized job card

Add Pre-Service (Preparation) and Post-Service (Cleanup) time, mid-service curing time to the appointments

Create a customizable consent form specific to your service needs

Unlimited invoices

Option to edit the cost price at checkout to meet special circumstances

Collect payment using any payment methods and track them against the invoices

Option to add custom discount at item level or bill level at checkout

Track partly paid invoices and collect dues later to increase client experience

Generate invoices on past dates to meet special needs

Access to client 360 view at checkout

Checkout service

Inclusive & Exclusive Tax Configuration

Setup Multiple Taxes and Tax Grouping

Reset the invoice numbers on Monthly/Yearly basis

Go green with SMS & Email invoices

Capture tips given by client

Add remarks to the invoices

Build your brand value by adding logo & signature to the invoice

Capture the client's tax code for them to claim the invoice

Invoice Receipt in thermal & A4 format

Checkout product

Control bill edit to avoid revenue leaks

Setup alert when the bill is deleted - Control revenue leak

Setup custom field to capture additional details against invoice

Setup extra charges like flood relief fund, XYZ taxes, COVID charges, etc on top of the invoice amount

Collect Instant Feedback post service

Share feedback link vis SMS/Email

Create your custom survey questions

Make survey dynamic based on the services offered and serviced by staff

Make survey questions dynamic based on previous question answer

Convert happy clients experience into Google Rating

Get instant alerts on unhappy ratings and stop reviews on Google or social media.

Manage complete client history

Capture client notes like preferred colors, allergy, etc

Download client 360

Send personalized offers using various filters

Send personalized offer from profile page

Create custom fields to capture additional client details

Track source of client acquisition

Masking client phone number

Get online booking mini-website

Integrate online booking with your Google business page

Integrate online booking with your Facebook page

Integrate online booking with your Instagram page

Share online booking links in SMS & Email campaign to get new bookings

Instant notification on booking made by the client to client/staff and automatically synchronize to the appointment calendar

Customize the booking website theme

Add payment integration to collect payments when client book by themselves

Setup full-payment when client creates appointment

Integrate with Google Analytics to understand your client's behavior on the booking website.

Add custom field to collect client's additional detail

Setup spam control to collect payment from spam users on making online booking

Setup part-payment/minimum-payment when client creates appointment

Client Login

Booking Commission Charges

No commission for either new client or existing client
No commission for either new client or existing client

Sell vouchers from the checkout counter

Customize the voucher value to meet client's demand

Automatically notify the client on the expiry of the voucher to earn trust and elevate the experience

Import vouchers sold on third-party platforms

Sell vouchers from online booking mini-website

Sell and redeem vouchers across locations (Centralized management)

Setup prepaid/e-wallet account for client

Setup multiple bonus cards

Option to carry forward the expired balance upon reloading with new credits

Sell and redeem wallet credits across locations (Centralized management)

Setup One-Time-Password to redeem client credits at checkout to increase the client's trust and avoid revenue leak

Setup membership program for services & product

Setup common membership program across locations (Centralized management)

Setup bundled services cross-sell more services

Setup multi-session service bundle to increase client visit

Setup flexible bundle to allow the client to choose from variety of service options

Setup automated coupon for the first time visitor

Setup automated coupon for the high spender

Issue and redeem coupons across locations (Centralized management)

Setup custom rewards point credit for products and services sold

Configure minimum eligibility criteria to redeem

Include/Exclude rewards points specific to sellable items

Automatically engage a week before the birthday/anniversary with recurring reminders to get prepared for the event with special discounts and send wishes on the birthday/anniversary

Customize the wishes by age and gender

Send offers through the instant campaign with various filter options

Update and reconcile inventory to refresh the stock

Sell product with barcode scanner support

Group product by category for faster access

Review and audit stock history

Manage the list of vendors who supply products to you

Manual product order on demand

Get alert when inventory goes below the threshold to place new order

Transfer product across the warehouse to outlet and outlet to outlet

Automatically track the quantity of the product used in the service

Review and audit product usage history

Review and audit product consumption at the store level. (Excessive usage of costly products could hurt your profit margin)

Review and audit product consumption at the staff level.

Record and audit all the internal expense

Gather comprehensive details from the lead

Execute the next follow-up actions based on status

Maintain detailed lead activity

Retrieval of lead information

Create default recurring daily work time

Add recurring or ad-hoc block time

Setup different shift time based on staff working schedule

Mark instant and advance leave for better attendance tracking

Setup target-based incentive model

Setup item level incentive model

Offer incentive by percentage or fixed value

Choose between daily and monthly incentive calculation window

Setup multi-tier incentive model

Create multiple incentive profile and assign them to specific products, services and staff

Notify Staff, Admin, and other required team members by SMS/Email on new appointments and for reminders

Get a complete staff 360 view and their performance

Send daily summary updates to staff

Reports notification for Staff

Staff login access

Staff level login to manage their appointments

Share access to multiple locations

Maintain a cash ledger day open/close continuity

Get cash balance details in daily summary report

Track cash by denomination

View each store data separately

Centralized access and consolidated reports

Sales, Appointment, Service, Tax Reports Staff Performance, etc

All the reports for the included features

Centralized Reports

Hyper Pay, Stripe


3rd party SMS gateway integration

Support Docs, Video, Tickets

In App-Chat, WhatsApp chat

Free Demo, Account Setup, Training


Premium Support & Dedicated Account Manager

Frequently Asked Question

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How does the 14-day free trial work?
You can sign-up for any plan. But during the 14-day FREE trial, you will have access to all the features (that is access to Premium Plus Features), so you will have the option to explore how features in the higher plan will work and will anyway help you. At the end of the FREE trial or upon your payment, you will switch to your chosen plan. You can also move to the Free plan if you think the Free plan is good enough for your business.
There is no limit to SMS. SMS is crucial for your business to engage with your clients for various reasons like sending invoices, appointment details, promotional offers, etc, so we don't limit the number of SMSs you can use. You can buy SMS from in-app as you need to engage your clients
We offer SMS at the most competitive price. The price varies based on the country. Check inside the application to know various offers around the SMS pack.
We are offering email for FREE of cost as a launch offer for all the clients. It is absolutely FREE.
Yes, you can choose to upgrade your subscription. You can reach out to our support team we will be happy to assist you.
Yes, of course. Our support agent will be happy to help you here to move your subscription to the FREE plan.
We take security seriously and you get to choose your data center from the get-go. Our servers are hosted in world-class data centers that are protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. All Miosalon plans include SSL for encryption, for FREE, to keep your data safe.
No. MioSalon is a pay-as-you-go service. We do not have any cancellation fees. You can cancel whenever you want but your cancellation will come into effect only after the end of your term.
Premium Support is offered as part of the Premium and Premium Plus subscription, where the support response time is 5 minutes during business hours. We pay more attention to the clients who have Premium Support

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