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Customer Success

We are happy to share some of our premium brands like Lemon Salon, Tattva, Sohum, Orane, Look Well and more salons are out performing the other brands in the industry on offering better customer experience.

Why are we measuring this metrics?

Interesting fact is the best performing brands in the industry has monthly churn rate from 15% to 25% which needs to be compensated by new customers every month. With the Internet penetrating deep into human life style, the commerce is shifting towards online, we are seeing e-commerce taking over retail sales, salons going online with the new business model of at home salon/spa services, free lancer salon & spa services, etc to attract the customers. On the other side, customer expectation is shifting from fulfilling the needs to looking for better experience. In the smartphone dominant world, customers Google for everything they need. In return Google is offering deeper, personalised, localised results and best recommendations for people searching for services/products etc.,

70% of the online user look for the review and prefer to choose 4+ star and 100+ rated salon/spa. It has become crucial for a salon to have a better online reputation to attract online customers and make sustainable flow every month. Online reputation cannot be acquired in a day or two. It is a measure of the trust expressed by salon's customers and it takes a while to build it and can be achieved only through smoother, organised operations and closely measuring the customer experience.

MioSalon thinks long-term, cares about the future of its customer and took this as a top priority to continuously monitor the metrics for its customers. MioSalon is a data driven and customer focused product, it measures every aspect of the salon operations and challenges to improve the bar and thus the final result is reflected in the social media as a token of love by their customers in the form positive ratings & reviews.

Salon Metrics

In the last 6 months, MioSalon has helped resolve the concerns of 2000+ unhappy customers and provided feedback to our salons to take corrective actions and reduced the unhappy incidents by 63%.

Google rating is one of the publicly available metrics to measure the customer happiness score of SME businesses. MioSalon takes these metrics as a serious measurement to benchmark its salon performance with the industry.

MioSalon is happy to publish the analytics and its goal for next 6 months.

Increasing Salon's performance using MioSalon software

Success Formula

We used the following formula to calculate the customer happiness score of salons using MioSalon vs all salon in the Industry, so the calculation is unbiased, transparent and easy to compare.

Customer Happiness Score = Percentage of Salons Average Number of Rating Average Rating

Salons with 4.5 Star & more than 100⁺ Ratings

  MioSalon Logo Salons using MioSalon Other Salons
No.of salons 17% 2%
Average Stars 4.5 4.5
Average Rating 100⁺ 317 301
Happiness Index 😊 242 27

4.5 Star Rated Salons Only

  MioSalon Logo Salons using MioSalon Other Salons
No.of salons 40% 28%
Average Stars 4.5 4.5
Average Rating 127 41
Happiness Index 😊 245 51

4 Star Rated Salons Only

  MioSalon Logo Salons using MioSalon Other Salons
No.of salons 74.4% 50.2%
Average Stars 4 4
Average Rating 174 43
Happiness Index 😊 517 86

Overall Happiness Index

  MioSalon Logo Salons using MioSalon Other Salons
No.of salons 100% 100%
Average Stars 4.34 2.90
Average Rating 164 47
Happiness Index 😊 711 136

Salon & Spa Customer Happiness Index

MioSalon vs Other Salon software performance in customer happiness

What are our goals for the next 6 months?

MioSalon never settle for its achievement. We relentlessly work to increase our bar and here are our few milestones

  • Increase the average rating of all our salons by 200 count
  • Business onboarding MioSalon should reach 4 star rating in 3-6 months
  • Increase the overall average rating of all the salons from 4.34 to 4.7

A hard target to achieve, but MioSalon will continuously measure all possible improvements to make it happen.

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The Google rating our customers
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MioSalon is proud to list few of its sample customer as reference.

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