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MioSalon has everything you need to successfully run and manage a tanning salon

Manage your tanning services with a feature-rich tanning salon software. Whether you own a small business with one bed or a large outlet at numerous locations, MioSalon is what you need to grow your business, save time and boost profits.

MioSalon = The Secret to Run your Tanning Business Smarter

Go paperless with electronic client records

Go paperless with electronic client records

MioSalon makes the paperless office possible. Bid goodbye to the appointment register, forms and much more. Store all your appointments, emails, payment details and consultation forms online. This data is safe and can be accessed anytime.

Simple and efficient inventory management

Our tanning salon software makes you manage your inventory with ease. Receive instant notifications each time you're low on stock, and even get alerts when products are near to the expiry date. When your technicians are supplied with all your products, they will never have to tell your clients “we're out of stock”.

Simple and efficient inventory management
Round-the-clock Marketing

Round-the-clock Marketing

MioSalon's suite of marketing tools always has your back. It's the easiest way to run targeted promotions and engage with your customers anytime and anywhere. Offer your clients gift cards, loyalty points, discounts, and membership packages from your tanning salon software. Also, the software even allows you to track the campaigns and examine ROI.

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