SSL/TLS security

MioSalon has SSL/TLS security protocols; your data and our platform communicate securely and everything is encrypted.

All information that has been transmitted between your device and our server remains private, protected and shielded against unauthorized access.


Deployed on Amazon cloud

MioSalon leverages the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure to safeguard the information.

The data is stored in a highly secured environment with multiple layers of protection, protected by an advanced firewall system and intrusion detection system.

Two-step authentication

Implemented OTP (One Time Password) verification for redeeming prepaid, membership and more.

Only the authorized person can access and use the credits, which increases the reputation and strengthens the security of the payment system.


Unauthorized access alerts

Stay informed and prevent data misuse or breaches. MioSalon is equipped with instant alerts for bill cancellations and customer data downloads.

By monitoring staff activities and notifications, you can protect your important data and control pilferages.

Protect sensitive customer data

Hide customer contact details from managers and staff, ensuring privacy and preventing unauthorized access.

MioSalon adds an extra layer of protection to ensure a balance between operational efficiency and client privacy, granting access only to authorized personnel.