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With MioSalon, your data is secure no matter what happens. It will also be protected against any kind of misuse and malicious activity. You will never have to worry about losing client information, data, appointments or records ever again. Everything is stored in the cloud and is automatically backed up so that you as a salon owner can enjoy peace of mind wherever you are.

Salon software with complete data protection
  • Individual logins

    Even if your location faces any kind of threat, your data will be secure. Each staff member in your business will be given an individual login and secure password to access the beauty salon software.

  • SSL/TLS security enabled

    Besides offering multi-level password protection, communication with MioSalon servers is also encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). Security levels ensure who can get their hands on the software and who cannot.

  • OTP verification

    OTP is the lifeblood of the salon and spa business now. Each time a gift voucher has to be redeemed, a partial payment has to be completed or an appointment booking has to be confirmed, an OTP will be sent to the client. This ensures there is no misuse of any kind of voucher or payment. It ensures the right person is redeeming the service.

  • Unauthorised use alerts

    Though MioSalon is 100% safe and secure, there may arise an instance wherein an unauthorized person is trying to access the software. If this happens, you as a salon owner will get instant notifications and text alerts. Being the best salon software, we ensure no information of yours or your clients is compromised anytime and under any circumstances.

  • Online booking spam control

    Though MioSalon's online booking tool helps you get new clients, it can also be misused by spammers who want to make your appointment calendar full. Our salon software prevents this from happening by filtering the real clients from the fake ones. The software automatically detects unusual activity and prevent spammers from booking an appointment.

  • Staff login access with limited functionality

    As a salon owner, you might trust your staff completely but master data theft, mishandling of the software and other malpractices is something that isn't in your hands. MioSalon allows you to control which employee can access the software and which cannot. The admin will have complete control over the user and what they can see on the software. Though each staff will get a login, their functionality can be controlled.

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