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Create targeted promotions and engage with new clients at the right time with the right offers. With simple and effective marketing strategies, put your salon business where customers are looking.

Salon Marketing strategies
  • Personalised campaigns

    Use booking preference and appointment history to filter clients based on service, age, gender, visit and value.

  • SMS & Email campaigns

    Boost client engagement with SMS and email campaigns. Create targeted messages for your active and inactive clients.

  • Greetings

    Never miss a chance to wish your clients on their birthday. Send out greetings with special offers and coupons.

  • Reminders

    Send out reminders to clients who have not visited in a while and to those who are due for their next appointment.

  • Mass email marketing

    Create captivating emails to stay in touch with clients. Intimate them about new products and services they would be interested in.

  • Bulk SMS and email management

    An in-built feature to send out bulk text messages and emails to your existing customers to announce new schemes, new launches and special offers.

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Online Booking

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