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Send Notification

Seamlessly send notifications and appointment reminders to employees and clients respectively. This will help your business improve staff productivity.

Salon appointment reminders
  • Send staff notification

    Send out an email to your employees at the start of each day. Include the daily appointment schedule and changes, if any. MioSalon notifications and reminders will ensure they never miss an appointment.

  • Send appointment reminders

    Reduce your salon no-show rate by sending automated text and email confirmations. You can also send for two-way SMS confirmations.

  • Birthday and anniversary greetings

    Never miss a client’s birthday or anniversary. Get notified and send them exclusive offers on their special day.

  • E-invoices

    Opt for a paperless approach, and send invoices to clients via email and SMS. Send rebooking reminders to get clients to walk back through the doors of your business.

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