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Point of Sale

MioSalon has an integrated/built-in point-of-sale (POS) system that enables faster checkout for your salon and spa clients. You can now spend less time at checkout and more time with your clients. Check guests in, handle sales transactions, invoicing, receipts, retail product management and chair upgrades, all at the click of a button.

Salon and Spa POS Software
  • Invoice & Checkout

    Unchain yourself from your front desk and process payments from your desktop or mobile device. Faster checkouts redefine how payments work thereby offering a number-convenient experience for your customers.

  • Gift card sales

    Promote your business with customised or pre-designed gift cards. The integrated gift card sales tool can improve your bottom line.

  • Mixed mode payment

    Complete transparency and predictability that enables easier accounting. Collect payments through various payment modes – cash, credit card, gift voucher, to make it simple for your customers.

  • Invoice notification

    Go paperless! Send your automated invoices directly to your client's inbox or via text messages

  • Boost your sales

    Create customised packages and vouchers for your potential clients and boost sales.

  • Retail management

    The hassle-free retail system that tracks sales, inventory and orders. Get notified instantly when a product is running out of stock.

  • Advance Payment

    While customers can schedule their appointment online with MioSalon, they can even pay in advance for the services they require. Whether a customer is taking a package or availing a single service, they can choose to make the payment partly or fully.

  • Centralized Prepaid

    This means, a guest/customer can purchase prepaid cards at any branch of the outlet and subsequently redeem it at any of the branches. This upgrade will work for chain outlets as well as franchisees.

    For example, if a customer purchases a prepaid card from ‘branch A’ of a reputed salon chain, it can be redeemed at ‘branch B’ as well. The same applies for franchisees as well.

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