A complete end-to-end salon management software

Our comprehensive software is designed to cover every aspect of salon management, from handling payments and tracking expenses to appointment scheduling, POS operations, data security, and more.

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Eliminate scheduling gaps with online salon management software

Generate more revenue, clients and growth for your salon business.


Deliver an exceptional client experience

Provide an unparalleled client experience by utilizing software solutions for seamless salon management. Elevate customer service through effortless appointment scheduling, streamlined payment processing, and automated features. Stay connected with your clients by sending timely reminders, instant notifications, coupons and promotional updates regularly.

  • Reward loyal clients
  • Detailed client 360o
  • Secured client data
  • Client retention strategy
  • reward points
  • salon offer message
deliveran exceptional client experience

Salon online booking software for easy scheduling

Enhance your salon business efficiency through versatile multi-channel booking, integrate automation to expand your client base, optimize scheduling and ensure top-tier service by providing real-time booking updates. Moreover, tailor your booking widgets for individual locations, granting clients the flexibility to book appointments with their preferred staff for specific services.

  • Booking instruction
  • Manage resources
  • Flexible online payments
  • Social platform booking
  • Get trusted ratings
  • Digital invoice generation
online booking software
  • online booking
  • preferred staff
  • services
manage salon operations
  • total expenses
  • inventory management

Manage your salon operations on the go

Our salon software offers a comprehensive solution for owners. Simplify inventory management with low stock alerts, automate communication for bill cancellations and feedback, facilitate staff management, streamline billing processes, and provide personalized client experiences through customized notifications.

  • POS handling
  • Expense management
  • In-depth analysis
  • Commission Management

Best salon management software for client retention

By leveraging salon software you can provide great service and personalized experiences, offer loyalty rewards, send appointment reminders, listen to feedback, share special offers, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, connect on social media, encourage referrals and always deliver quality service and community engagement for a lasting impact.

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  • Discount Membership
  • Packages
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Reward Points
  • Discount Coupons
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client retention

Transform your salon management with effortless solutions

Discover a new realm of business management, as we lead your salon's evolution. From introducing you to new clients to equipping you with vital tools for expansion, our dedication breaks through conventional norms.

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Frequently asked question

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What is salon software, and how can it benefit my business?
Salon software is a scheduling and management tool designed to streamline various aspects of your salon operations, including appointment scheduling, billing, inventory management, POS, client retention and client communication. It can help improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and boost overall business performance.
MioSalon allows you to create a service menu tailored to your salon's offerings. You can define different services, pricing, and duration, ensuring accurate booking options for your clients. You can even set staff for specific services, pre and post-service durations, resource allocations, product consumption for each service and more.
With salon inventory management software, you can monitor product levels, receive alerts for low stock, transfer products, handle products for multiple locations and even define internal product consumption for specific services.
Salon software often includes a built-in feature for automated appointment reminders, which can be sent through various channels such as Email, SMS, and even WhatsApp. These reminders play a vital role in minimizing no-shows and ensuring clients stay informed about their upcoming appointments. In MioSalon, you can also send service, prepaid, and discount reminders, maximizing client retention and keeping them coming back.
Yes, MioSalon's salon software solutions prioritize data security. We ensure client information is safeguarded by implementing measures like masking client contact details. This prevents unauthorized access and data theft, even in cases where staff members download client information, as email addresses and phone numbers remain hidden.

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