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Empower your business with a one-stop Salon Software

Manage your salon operations and grow your brand with an all-in-one solution. MioSalon is salon software loved by new-age business owners. It makes appointment scheduling, customer management and marketing more seamless than you can actually think of.

One Salon Software = Chock-full of Features

Simplified appointment scheduling

Simplified appointment scheduling

With MioSalon, your clients can schedule their appointments anytime, and from anywhere. The tool can be custom-designed to your brand. You can also add the online booking widget to your website, Facebook page and mobile application.

Target marketing made easy

Use free salon software to create targeted promotions. Analyse demographics, client visit history, preferences and past transactions, all in one place. This information can be used to send out SMS and email offers personalised for a particular segment.

Target marketing made easy

Integrated point-of-sale system

Our salon software has an in-built POS system. This not just enables quicker transactions but also makes it easy for you to collect payments. From invoicing to gift card sales, and chair upgrades, MioSalon makes money matters simpler. All this will facilitate business growth.

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