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Modern Software Solution to meet your Barber Shop Needs

Empower your standalone barbershop or multi-chain outlet with a software that handles large appointment volumes, multiple locations, employees, clients, and all your other complex business needs.

One Platform = Endless Possibilities

Offer a personalised experience

Offer a personalised experience

If you want your barbershop to stand out, focus on offering a personalised experience. MioSalon makes that possible. How? Store your clients preferred barber/stylist, trims, fades and more on the software and greet them with the same service every time they come in. Knowing a client's preferences always allows you to craft a personalised experience for them.

Self-booking is the way to go

Scheduling an appointment without having to wait on a phone is definitely a rewarding experience. Give your clients the freedom to self-book using MioSalon's online scheduling feature. They get to see the available slots and can choose a time and stylist that suits them. Beyond 24/7 booking, the software also sends out automated appointment reminders.

Self-booking is the way to go
Trim down the effort to run your barbershop

Trim down the effort to run your barbershop

MioSalon has all the features you need to save time, enhance productivity, reduce no-shows, manage customers and track key business metrics. The cloud-based software is seamless and trusted by barbershop owners across the world.

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