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Experience growth and efficiency with advanced medical spa software

Whether you're a small boutique medical spa or a large wellness center, our comprehensive software solution has you covered.


Efficient staff and resource management

With a user-friendly color-coded calendar, managing your med spa's appointments becomes easy. Dive into comprehensive resource management by allocating specific rooms and resources for each appointment and let your client book their preferred staff for a better client experience.

With our online medical spa booking software, your clients can even book appointments via social media platforms and Google, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

  • Supports prepayment
  • Resource allocation
  • Google calendar synchronization
  • Preferred physician allocation
  • google-sync
  • preferred-staff
  • sell-products-and-services

Advanced medical spa software for modern med spas

Elevate your medical spa experience by permitting full access for physicians and aestheticians to comprehensive case records. This allows them to deliver conscientious treatments to clients. Additionally, utilize the opportunity to upsell and cross-promote available products through personalized recommendations during in-person services. With medical spa software, you can centrally manage and monitor inventory, therapist details, client information, and revenue details.

  • Automated consent form
  • Multi-location management
  • Low stock management
  • Commission management
  • Hidding client contact infos
  • Track drug consumption
  • multi-location
  • staff-commission-model
  • Commission-management
  • campaign-performance
  • appointment-reminder

Sophisticated automated marketing

Keep your clients informed and updated with automated confirmation requests, appointment reminders, and cancellation notifications sent via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email. You can even customize the timing, frequency, and content of your notifications.

Track and analyze exactly how your campaigns are performing and measure your success and generated ROI. Additionally, you have the capability to send personalized discounts for birthdays and anniversaries, enhancing your client relationships and engagement.

  • In-depth report analysis
  • Automated reminders
  • Targeted marketing
  • In-built & custom templates

Complete medical spa payment system

Simplify every transaction for both you and your spa clients with our medical spa POS software. Enhance the client experience by selling products, treatments, and gift vouchers online, and conveniently collect additional charges during the checkout process. and generate instant invoices. Furthermore, the medical spa software provides you with the capability to effectively record and monitor daily cash transactions for comprehensive financial management.

  • Custom service charge
  • Comprehensive revenue reports
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Easy tax collection
  • Cash registry
  • Tips collection
  • total-sales
  • payment-mode
  • add-tip

Revolutionize your medical spa experience with an all-in-one solution

We understand the unique needs of modern medical spas and designed the software to streamline your operations, enhance client experiences and maximize your business potential.

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Frequently Asked Question

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What is medical spa software, and how can it benefit my spa?
Medical spa software is a digital solution designed to manage various aspects of your spa operations, from appointment scheduling and electronic medical records (EMR) management to inventory control and marketing campaigns. It streamlines processes, enhances client care, and boosts business efficiency.
Medical spa software can improve client experiences by allowing easy online booking, automated appointment reminders, quick access to treatment histories, personalized recommendations and convenient payment options.
The best medical spa software, like MioSalon, includes inventory management features, enabling you to monitor stock levels, transfer products to another location, reorder stocks, set low stock threshold alert notifications, and minimize product waste.
Medical spa software can support your marketing initiatives through tools like targeted campaigns, loyalty programs and promotions. It also enables personalized communication and feedback collection to enhance client engagement.
MioSalon features a robust appointment scheduling widget that empowers clients to effortlessly book appointments with their preferred staff, services, and time slots. Additionally, you can enable prepayment to mitigate no-shows and unexpected cancellations, thereby enhancing client convenience and optimizing spa organization.

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