Flexible tracking modes

Monitor and oversee product management both at the store and staff levels with flexible tracking modes.

Automatically track sold and consumed products without any hassles. MioSalon offers a unique option to monitor products utilized internally.


Seamless product transfer

Efficiently transfer products among multiple branches. Gain complete information regarding product transfers, whether transfer in or transfer out, including transfer quality, receive quality, return quality, transfer cost value and received cost value.

Exclusive controls

Easily add new products, adjust stock levels, restock inventory, track internal product consumption and facilitate online sales.

Customize tax rates, discounts and commission rules to increase profitability. Receive low-stock alerts to avoid depletion of products.


Streamlined supply management

Manage supplier information to efficiently place orders and monitor order fulfillment. Optimize vendor relationships and simplify the restocking process.

Send an instant email containing product details and quantities to suppliers. Upon receiving the products, update inventory directly for easy tracking and management.