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Retail Product Inventory

MioSalon's inventory management software is intelligent and helpful. With our software, you'll never have to count bottles ever again while you get to keep your retail well-stocked without over-buying. Get updates, running-low alerts and audit stock history from your salon or spa inventory with ease. The software ensures your shelves are always stocked as it is integrated with ordering and allows your local supplier to replenish your stock automatically. We believe your inventory is your business and thus our goal is to ensure you never run out of stock again. It's the secret to grow your business and gain more sales.

  • Manage inventory with Instant Alerts

    Managing inventory is easy with MioSalon. Ask your stylists and technicians to define the product usage per service to avoid wastage. Get instant alerts and notifications when inventory goes below the threshold. Our unique inventory management software ensures you will never run out of product again and face an embarrassing situation in front of your client.

  • Set your own reordering parameters

    Ditch the age-old method of calling suppliers to reorder products. Instead, let our salon software do it for you. It automatically detects low quantity products and sends you an email notification with the list. You can then generate purchase orders from the vendors and replenish your stock automatically.

  • Internal consumption/Auto Product Consumption

    Keep track of your internal product consumption by recording the used quantity after every service.

  • Retail product sale

    Sell retail products quickly, from anywhere. Sell products by adding them to the invoice, appointment booking link or with packages and vouchers.

  • Add Vendor details & Order from suppliers

    Stock ordering allows you and your staff members to order stock directly from your suppliers. Enter the details of all your vendors to place an order, choose the quantity of each product you need to restock on and the order will be placed, and will get added to your stock list. You can then raise purchase orders directly to suppliers.

  • Transfer In/Transfer Out

    If your beauty business has more than one outlet, you can set one branch as your warehouse and manage stocks from one location. Inventory management software makes it easy for you to move products from your warehouse to different locations. It also helps you manage operations of different branches from one centralized system.

  • Inventory reporting

    MioSalon gives you a thorough examination of your salon inventory and increases transparency of your product count. Get detailed reports on inventory and stock to avoid any kind of pilferage or theft within your salon.

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