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To provide an end-to-end online platform for retailers to create long lasting, loyal customers

Waffor is a retail-focussed software product company that is dedicated to offering enterprisemanagement and workflow solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), individual owner manned stores, network stores and franchise models can leverage the benefits of our product.

Besides simplifying management and administrative tasks, Waffor has a clear and simple goal: To offer a unique retention marketing solution for retailers by which they can identify, reward and retain customers for faster growth. Following a SaaS distribution model, we want small and medium retail stores to delve deeper into customer engagement and retention.

Our company is a name synonymous with trust and efficiency. It is founded and managed by successful senior executives that hold 50+ years of cumulative experience. Under their mentorship, able guidance and vision, we have successfully built prior start-ups that have paved the way as multi-million dollar companies.


MioSalon is a software product curated for hair, nail and beauty salons and spas, and health and wellness centres. It is a cloud-based software that specialises in customer engagement and retention. The software helps businesses to flourish and grow by managing important aspects including appointment scheduling, client data management, inventory management, payment processing and client marketing. With MioSalon, managing your salon and spa becomes seamless and effortless. Our all-in-one application will enable businesses to achieve real results by identifying, rewarding and retaining customers.

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