Advanced dashboard analytics

Get insights about sales, staff and clients through visual graphics like graphs and charts.

Access comprehensive analytics on bill count, bill values, expense values, top services, top products, campaign performance, staff performance, staff profile, client demographics, redemptions, revenue generations, customer segmentation, customer conversion, campaign usage metrics and more.


Actionable Insights

Get advanced and detailed reports to make informed decisions for your business. Access reports and insights across multiple locations using a single login.

Gain a comprehensive view of your multi-location operations, including clean reports on staff, sales, payments, inventory and business as a whole.

Customized reports

Dig deep into the data to make business plans with detailed business reports. View reports by choosing a data range and applying filters MioSalon offers complete customization.

Generate reports for appointments, sales, products, staff commissions, online bookings, checkout, membership, prepaid, gift vouchers, discount coupons, packages, campaign performance, notifications, expenses and cash registry.


Real-time monitoring

Provide exceptional business experiences by monitoring staff interactions in real time.

MioSalon sends instant alerts to owners, managers and admin users regarding bill cancellations, negative feedback and customer data downloads. Also, send daily performance metrics to staff every day.