Real-time Availability of Staff Calendar

  • Instantly check staff availability and book appointments based on real-time updates.

  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts and optimize resource allocation for a smooth workflow.

  • Maximize booking efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience for both clients and salon staff.

Real-time Availability of Staff Calendar
Offers & Discounts through a Smart Digital Menu

Show Offers & Discounts through a Smart Digital Menu

  • Highlight and promote special offers, discounts, and packages to attract more customers.

  • Engage clients with a visually appealing and interactive digital menu, showcasing your salon's services.

  • Increase conversions by enticing clients with attractive deals and incentives.

Customize the Booking Window Allowed for Online Booking

  • Tailor the booking window to suit your salon's requirements and availability.

  • Set specific timeframes for online booking, ensuring optimal scheduling and resource management.

  • Maintain control over your salon's booking process while offering flexibility to clients.

Book with Full Payment, Partial Payment, and No Payment

Book with Full Payment, Partial Payment, and No Payment

  • Provide multiple payment options for clients, including full payment, partial payment, and no payment.

  • Boost revenue by allowing full or partial payment at the time of booking.

  • Cater to various client preferences while ensuring a secure and hassle-free payment process.

Automatically Demand Payment from Frequent No-Show Clients

  • Reduce no-shows and protect your salon's revenue by automatically demanding payment from frequent offenders.

  • Implement a fair and efficient system that encourages accountability and punctuality.

  • Improve appointment attendance rates and optimize your salon's operations.

Automatically Demand Payment from Frequent No-Show Clients
Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

  • Keep clients informed and engaged with instant notifications for appointment confirmations, reminders, and updates.

  • Minimize miscommunications and missed appointments, enhancing the overall client experience.

  • Foster a strong client-provider relationship through timely and effective communication.

Integrate with the Salon Website and Customize the Theme to Match

  • Seamlessly integrate the Online Booking Mini-Website with your existing salon website.

  • Maintain consistent branding and provide a cohesive user experience across platforms.

  • Customize the theme and design elements to align with your salon's visual identity.

Integrate with Google My Business, Social Media Profiles, and WhatsApp Promotions

  • Maximize your salon's online visibility by integrating the booking platform with Google My Business.

  • Extend your reach and engage clients through seamless integration with social media profiles.

  • Leverage the power of WhatsApp promotions to reach a wider audience and drive bookings.