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Manage everything and plan for anything with massage therapy management software. Schedule appointments, manage information and automate notifications-we made it for you.

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Transform the way you run your spa

From streamlining operations and enhancing client satisfaction to managing business, our massage therapy clinic management software handles everything for you.


Address your clients' needs around the clock

Take control of your busy schedules with our online booking software. Allow your clients the convenience of booking appointments at their preferred times, whether through your spa's booking widget or social media platforms like Facebook.

By enabling client login, we let them access appointment schedules and view and download invoices for each transaction, minimizing the need for inquiry calls. Moreover, you have the flexibility to accept prepayments and send timely reminders to reduce no-shows.

  • Preferred therapist allocation
  • Pre-booking and prepayment
  • Client booking and allergy infos
  • Sell products and services
  • preferred-staff
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Simplify chaos with massage therapy appointment software

The smartest online management software allows you to spend more time with your clients. Each scheduled massage therapy session is color-coded in the appointment calendar. You can even view the allocated massage therapist and booked resources at a glance to avoid double booking. When a client books an appointment, the scheduled time slot will be updated in the Google calendar for both the client and the therapist, and they will receive confirmation messages via SMS, WhatsApp and Email.

  • Automated reminders
  • Staff block timings
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Pre and post duration
  • Resource maintenance
  • Google calendar synchronization
  • calendar
  • google sync
  • staff-availability
  • inventory-management
  • low-inventory-alert

Massage therapy management software to maximize spa efficiency

With comprehensive massage therapy management software, experience the full potential of managing appointments, client profiles, analyzing staff performance for incentives, ensuring secure online payments, tracking inventory with low-stock alerts, generating detailed reports, implementing effective marketing strategies, prioritizing data security, overseeing finances, managing staff permissions, handling multiple locations and gathering ongoing feedback for service improvement.

  • Cash registry
  • Internal product tracking
  • Transfering products
  • Commission Management

Boost client retention and elevate marketing efforts

Embrace client retention strategies by offering prepaid wallets, memberships and packages and providing personalized approaches based on clients' preferences, implementing automated appointment reminders, instant feedback collections, loyalty programs, and push notifications for gift vouchers and special offers on birthdays and anniversaries. Simultaneously, enhance your marketing strategies by sending targeted emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns, integrating social media accounts, and encouraging referral programs to cultivate client loyalty and enhance brand credibility.

  • Loyalty program
  • Reward points
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Marketing campaign analytics
  • In-built and custom templates
  • Customized discounts
  • offer-message
  • reward-points
  • targeted-marketing

Revolutionize the way you interact with clients and manage appointments

Embrace efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and reclaim your time for what truly matters with massage therapy software that is specially designed for your massage spa.

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Frequently Asked Question

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What is massage therapy software, and how does it benefit massage therapists and spa owners?
Massage therapy software is a specialized tool designed to streamline and enhance the operations of massage therapists and spa owners. It offers features such as online appointment scheduling, client management, automated reminders, staff scheduling, inventory tracking, and reporting. This software benefits massage therapists by simplifying administrative tasks, optimizing appointment bookings, and improving client communication. It enhances operational efficiency, client satisfaction, and business growth by providing insights into performance and enabling targeted marketing strategies.
Massage scheduling software is a pivotal tool offering streamlined appointment booking, automated reminders, client management, and performance insights. It enhances operational efficiency, client engagement, and business growth through online convenience and data security.
It is possible to send automated reminders to clients for their upcoming massage appointments to reduce no-shows and ensure that clients remember and attend their scheduled appointments. Automated reminders can be sent through various channels, such as WhatsApp, Email, SMS or even push notifications, providing clients with timely notifications and enhancing the overall client experience.
The software efficiently manages inventory for massage oils and products by providing tools to track stock levels, usage and replenishment needs. You can input product details, set reorder points and receive low-stock notifications to ensure that essential supplies like massage oils are always available.
The massage therapy software manages client information and preferences by creating comprehensive client profiles. These profiles store contact details, appointment history, session preferences and notes, enabling personalized experiences. This centralized data allows massage therapists to tailor treatments to individual preferences, fostering better client interactions and satisfaction.

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