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Hair Salon Appointment Software

Track progress and plan the next move

Simplify scheduling, reduce double bookings, manage recurring appointments, allow easy customization and boost productivity.


Hair Salon Online Booking Software

24/7 booking convenience

Customize the online booking portal for a simplified booking process. Clients can book appointments with preferred staff and timeslots and purchase gift vouchers from the website, Google My Business or social media platforms.

Secure a minimum payment for appointments to minimize no-shows. Offer a personalized experience to clients with integrated consent and feedback forms. Remind clients about their upcoming appointments with Google Calendar synchronization.

  • Allow multiple bookings
  • Staff & resource allocation
  • Consent & feedback forms
  • Spam control
  • google sync
  • preferred staff
  • sell products and services
easy management of appointments

Hair Salon Automations

Stay in the loop with clients

Automated marketing tools drive new clients, convert them into regulars and keep the appointment calendar filled. MioSalon provides detailed insights into clients. Send targeted campaigns, discounts and greetings to stay in touch with them. Automatically track the performance of client retention and loyalty programs. Reduce no-shows and increase client visits by sending timely reminders.

  • Client retention programs
  • Client 360o profile
  • Automated reminders
  • Targeted marketing
  • In-built & custom templates
  • Personalized promotions
to stay in the loop with automation
  • campaign
  • customer
  • invoice
simplified checkout experience
  • expense
  • payment method
  • report

Hair Salon POS Software

Simplified checkout experience

Sell and redeem prepaid, packages, membership and gift vouchers. Integrated point of sale for efficient handling of invoices with detailed breakdowns.

Accept full or partial payments with versatile payment options. Efficiently record day-to-day cash flows, modes of payments and billing information with MioSalon.

  • Secured redemptions
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Detailed invoices
  • Expense tracking

Hair Salon Management Software

Transforming salon experience

Track and manage inventory used for retail sales, internal usage and transfer to other branches. Gain access to valuable insights and make informed decisions. Increase productivity by boosting stylists to promote products and services and encouraging them with incentives. Prevent data leakage and theft by securing business information, providing authorized login access and hiding client contact information.

  • Multi-location management
  • Data security
  • Client & staff information
  • Resource management
  • Commission management
  • In-depth metrics
  • multilocation
  • inventory
  • staff
transforming salon experience

Hairdressing Salon Software

Maximize your hair salon capabilities

Boost your online reputation by simplifying day-to-day operations, streamlining payment processing and continuous client engagement.

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    Available users
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    Appointments booked
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Frequently Asked Question

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What is hair salon management software?
Hair salon management software is a digital solution designed to streamline various aspects of running a salon, including appointment scheduling, staff management, inventory control, client communication, and reporting.
When selecting hair salon software, factors such as reducing errors, improving accessibility, simplifying client communication, and boosting revenue are paramount. It should operate on a cloud-based platform that incorporates features like online booking, robust reporting and analytics, efficient customer management, and more.
A hair salon booking software fuels growth by streamlining appointments, minimizing errors, and boosting client communication. With automated features, it optimizes scheduling, enhances customer experiences, and offers marketing opportunities, all while ensuring efficient staff management and scalability for sustained expansion.
Yes, hair salon platforms offer automated appointment reminders via email or text messages, which can help reduce no-shows. Additionally, client profiles and histories can help salon staff personalize services, enhancing overall satisfaction and retention.
Hair salon management software allows you to update product quantities as items are used or restocked. It can provide real-time insights into stock levels, making it easier to manage reorders and prevent running out of essential items. It also offers the option to set up notifications or alerts when inventory quantities reach a certain threshold.

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