Killer Instagram Bio For Hairstylists, Therapists & Salon Owners

Killer Instagram Bio Ideas for Salons & Hairdressers

In an age of social media, it is imperative for a salon or spa to leverage on their Instagram feed to secure clients. The number of stylists, therapists and salon owners using social media is increasing at lightning speed. However, are the pictures & videos on your feed enough to stand out, increase your followers and secure clients? Well, no! You got to have a killer bio at the first place. 

Here’s how you can write a winning Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio should achieve two things :

1) Give a short and concise introduction into your salon

2) Guide the visitor into the kind of action you want them to take when they reach your profile.

Without further ado, we’re here to discuss how you can craft a killer Instagram bio that will give your competitors a run for their money. Whether you’re an individual stylist or you run a full-fledged salon or spa, we have you covered with tricks, tips and templates you wouldn’t have imagined. Read on to find out more. 

Killer Instagram Bio ideas for Stylists, salons, therapists, and salon owner

How to write a killer Salon Instagram Bio Copy:

We’ve come to the most exciting part of this blog piece that is writing a bio for Instagram. Here are the best ways to write an outstanding Instagram Bio. Keep the following points in mind: 

Mentioning your area of expertise is a good place to start

Remember, potential clients are everywhere on the gram. Therefore, highlighting your speciality will immediately catch the attention of new clients.

Specify if you are a freelance stylist or hairdresser

This will help your potential client to get a clear picture of your nature of work. If it is a standalone salon or spa, mention that as well. 

Include #Hashtags and Profile links

Instagram have made it possible to add #hashtags and profile links to the bio. This means, you can let your followers learn more about you with specific hashtags. Make sure you use them wisely in the bio section. You can also link to other accounts with the @mentions feature. Use this opportunity to link to partner salons, head stylist’s profile or another branch of your salon. 

Get creative with emojis

Use emojis in a creative way to grab the attention of your profile visitors. Scissors, nail polish, haircut emojis are few options you can consider using. 

Add your website link

Once you have visitors reading your interestingly written Instagram bio, you’ll want them to take some kind of action, right? You didn’t get them here only to admire your beautiful feed. You can have one website link in your Instagram bio. Thus, you have to make a smart decision as to what you want to include. We would recommend you use the ‘book now’ call to action button that would redirect viewers to your salon software to schedule an appointment online. You’ll be surprised to see the benefits of using online appointment booking for salons. 

If your Instagram marketing strategy requires you to change your link every few days, make sure you keep it up-to-date. It should not confuse users in any way. 

Other call to action buttons to include below the Instagram bio are phone number, email address and directions. 

Salon Instagram Bio Templates

Let’s take you through few templates we’ve crafted especially for you. 

  1. Nail extensions, Mani-Pedi, Blow-Dry and more. We’re here to redefine #HairGoals.
  2. India’s first Blow-dry bar pampering you with some bubbly, good hair days and chic makeovers. 
  3. Hair extensions, smoothening services, mane treatments and more. Do you like what you see? Book your appointment. 
  4. An award-winning salon backed with industry-experienced beauty experts. Haircuts, blow-dries, funky nails, grooming and more.
  5. Freelance Hairstylist in India. DM for bridal hair-dos, events and more. Also, a #Balayage specialist. 

Think about it – what is the first thing you see when you go to a private Instagram profile? It has to be the Instagram bio. A well-written Instagram bio is your elevator pitch to attract clients. A lot of hairdressers and therapists usually ignore this bit because they feel like their visuals speak more than the written words. When a new client stumbles upon your Instagram profile for the first time, they care as much about your business information as they do about your work. They are interested in learning the kind of salon you are, where you are located and your area of expertise if you are a freelance stylist or hairdresser. 

What is an Instagram Bio & what must it include?

An Instagram bio is the brief description you see at the top when you visit an Instagram profile. It is usually a brief description of the brand that should be short and sweet to engross viewers. Your Instagram bio must compel viewers to click on photos, view story highlights and dive deep into your page. 

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This small space with 150 characters is where people land to find out more about your beauty business. The way you project yourself will determine whether a visitor will click the ‘follow’ button or not. 

Believe it or not, your Instagram bio can make or break your salon business. Thus, you need to make sure you engage people to make business with you.

Add and update your profile 

Before you get down to writing your Instagram bio copy, make sure you have few things in place. Your salon or spa profile picture matters. The best way to go is to use a symbol that represents your business. We would recommend using your logo. When you convert to a business profile, you’ll be asked to create a user name and profile name (the one that will appear above your bio). Your name should be something that users can find easily. You can also include the city your salon is based in, in the user name. For example, ‘MonaLisaMumbai’.  

Create Salon Instagram story highlights

With Instagram story highlights, you can show off the behind-the-scenes of your salon to new followers. While you can regularly post good images to your feed, adding everyday to your story is a good practice. Whether you want to show off a new hair colour done on a client or give your followers a sneak-peek into an upcoming event, stories are the right way to go. Make sure you organise your story highlights in such a way that is visually-pleasing, resonates with your salon brand and is easy to navigate. You can also select a cover image for each story highlight to make it look neat. Think of what makes your salon unique and start adding to your story. Follow all these significant steps to build & improve your overall salon online reputation 

Remember, your hair and beauty Instagram bio are important. It may seem like a small detail but it is certainly worthy to take some time in crafting concise but engaging copy. If you are looking for salon software to manage your social media campaigns, MioSalon is always at your service.

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