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Power up your fitness brand with an all-in-one Yoga Studio Software

Beyond its capabilities in the beauty industry, MioSalon works as a yoga studio software as well. Leave mundane tasks to the software and get rid of operational hassles while you get to focus on aligning your client's chakras. Designed to facilitate booking, memberships and payments, managing your outlet has never been this easy.

Digitise your Yoga Studio = All-in-one Software

Customer engagement as relaxing as an asana

Customer engagement as relaxing as an asana

With yoga studio software, you can focus entirely on your classes while the software manages the rest. Customer engagement is key if you want to thrive in the fitness industry. Explore the myriad capabilities by managing contact details, payment information, invoicing, and more from one central location.

In-depth reporting & powerful insights

Don't just create a smooth-flowing yoga studio, analyse and manage how it's doing too. MioSalon's information-rich dashboard is always there to your rescue. Analyse key business metrics, track popular classes, renewal frequency, and more to strategize your brands better and plan for future marketing activities.

In-depth reporting powerful insights
Membership management for better growth

Membership management for better growth

Memberships are the lifeline of your business. Track all your client data and make assessments simple with MioSalon. Send your clients exclusive offers and discounts to keep them coming back. You can even turn regular clients to loyal customers by implementing a loyalty point programme.

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