Streamline your Salon/Spa’s booking Calendar. Color coded scheduling of duration of services of each staff makes it much easier.

  • Calendar - Color coded difference of service status
  • Appointment Status - Mark status as New, Arrived, Started, Completed or No Show
  • Resources & Rooms - Tagging Rooms against client appointment schedule
  • Notifications - Acknowledgement and reminders by Text & eMail
  • Services & Package scheduling - Schedule appointments for both services and packages
Point of sale

Point of Sale

Quick billing to walk-in services , sell packages , retail products, gift vouchers and redemption for easy and faster checkouts.

  • Invoice & Checkout - Complete POS for your front-desk to manage checkouts
  • Mixed Mode Payment - Collect payment by cash/card/coupon/room post etc
  • Discounts & Taxes - Get the bill discount and taxes applied as required
  • Invoice notification - Send bills through by SMS/Print/email
  • Redemption - Redeem offers, Gift Vouchers, discount coupons, package etc.
  • Credits (Part Paid) - Keep track of partially paid clients

Online Booking

Now you can collect payment for online booking from your Website or Facebook Page while clients schedule appointment with your salon/Spa.

  • Facebook widget - Online Booking widget for "Facebook"
  • Website widget - Online Booking widget for Website
  • Online payment - Online payment gateway for website/FB booking
  • Online sale - Sell Gift vouchers & Membership online (Upcoming release)
Online Booking


Marketing tool to engage clients with targeted promotions at right time and with right offers.

  • Personalized Campaigns - Filter and send messages based on type, visits and value
  • Targeted Campaigns - Send targeted offers to active & inactive clients
  • Reminders - Auto reminder SMS based on services taken previously
  • Reward points - Define loyalty points, manage and track
  • Greetings - Special occassion greeting messages with offer
  • Discount coupons - Auto generated coupon for high value clients

Analytics & Reports

Dashboard to get insights on Revenue, Client & Staff. Also, get reports on Staff incentives, Tax, campaigns etc.

  • Dashboard - Graphical insight on sales, top staffs and customer
  • Staff Performance Analysis - Detailed report on staff productivity
  • Customer 360* - Get complete info about each one of your client
  • Customer Segmentation - Active, churn-predicted and inactive clients list
  • Tax Reports - Comprehesive report on sales transactions and taxes
Analytics & Reports
Feedback System

Feedback System

Get the Real-Time opinion of your Clients either at store or through SMS before they spill out in Social media.

  • Feedback questionnaires - Setup your feedback questions as you wish
  • Rating by SMS/Text - Collect dynamic rating on staff & services by SMS
  • Feedback at store ( Using Tablet) - Get detailed feedback at store using tablet
  • Alerts on negative feedback - Alert messages to management on negative ratings

Package & Membership

Create packages by bundling multiple services. Also, manage loyal member clients who pay you in advance.

  • Membership - Manage loyal clients and their discounts
  • Prepaid - Wallet management and redemption of prepaid amount
  • Gift voucher - Sale and redemption of gift vouchers
  • Packages - Bundle multiple service and sell as package
package & Membership
Product & Stock

Product & Stock

Take control of stock management with options to manage both your product consumption for services and retail sales.

  • Retail Product Sale - Sell products along with your services
  • Internal consumption - Keep track of your internal product consumption
  • Supplier master - Manage supplier profile
  • Purchase order - Raise PO to your suppliers and generate PDF
  • Material receipt - Put stock inward entry of receipts

Staff & Commission

Manage your staff profiles, work timings and access control. Also, get visibility of staff attendence and incentives.

  • Staff profile and Work Schedule - Manage staff details and their timings
  • Attendance - Staff attendace record and marking leaves
  • Staff Access Control - Give access rights based on their role and responsibility
  • Incentive Management - Create slab-wise commissions and map it to staffs
  • Staff performance - Get an overview about your staffs performance & productivity
Staff & Commission

Multi-location Support

Centralized business management solution to manage multiple outlets from anywhere with real time access to data.

  • Location-wise Revenue - Get consolidated revenue of each outlet
  • Expense Management - Manage and get visibility of store expenses
  • Store Performance Analysis - Compare your performance amoung peers
  • Centralized membership - Manage membership centrally and apply discounts
  • Stock transfers - Inter-branch stock transfers
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