25 Unique Salon Quotes to Decorate your Beauty Salon Inside Out

The hair and beauty industry are all about appearance. It’s a place where a ‘book is judged’ by its cover. No matter how good the services you offer are, your clients are going to judge you on appearance. Thus, make sure your décor is a statement of who you are and what you do. 

While there are several ways of decorating a salon, ensure your space is visually stunning. 

Don’t restrict your salon with just a name sign. Push your visual marketing efforts by decorating your door, windows, floor, walls and shelves.

Window Decals

If your salon has a glass door or big windows, make the most of it rather than leaving it empty. Consider putting decals, clings or stickers on the glass. Most salons put their name or logo, service list (hair, nails, makeup), working hours, pictogram or working tools and a quote as window decal. This will really help you pull clients through the door. Pedestrians often read what you’re all about from the outside and then walk into your salon. Thus, make this space exciting and intriguing. Consider these salon window decal quotes:

1. “There’s nothing great hair and a glass of bubbly can’t fix”

2. “Life is too short for boring hair”

3. “Beauty comes from the inside”

4. “Time to be beautiful” 

5. “Hello, Gorgeous”

Indoor Wall Decals

Gone are the days when certificates and client photographs would make the perfect wall décor. While these elements are enough to reinforce customer trust, they do not create an aesthetic environment. Today, wall decals have become very popular. Whether it’s covering a wall with a stylish image or featuring quotes about fashion and beauty, vinyl lettering on the walls of your salon will give it the much-needed oomph. It creates a specific mood not only for the salon employees but for the walk-in clients as well. Plus, attractive walls make great backdrops for Instagram-worthy pictures. 

1. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

2. “Happiness is…freshly printed nails”

3. “People will stare, make it worth their while”

4. “Relax, Refresh, Revive”

5. “Don’t waste a good hair day”

Floor Decals

Floor decals are slowly but swiftly gaining popularity in the salon industry. Putting them on the street outside your salon can bring a whole lot of traffic into your salon. Print highly motivating salon quotes on round-shaped decals to welcome people.

1. “You’re perfect in most ways, we just want to fine tune you” 

2. “Come in, let’s make you gorgeous”

3. “Look there, someone is waiting for you”

4. “Better late than ugly”

5. “We do nails, check us out”


Reception Décor

The lobby or reception of a salon is the first impression for people walking through the door.

Behind every reception desk you’ll find the name of a salon and its slogan. It is usually made visually-stunning by 3D lettering, channel letters and wall decal. If your salon does not have a slogan, you can also add catch beauty quotes under your salon name.

1. “Beauty is the illumination of the soul”

2. “Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful”

3. “Simplicity is the beauty of life”

4. “Your hair is in right hands”

5. “The creation of beauty is art”


Chalkboards are a thing in the food and beverage industry. However, the salon and spa industry are soon catching on the trend to attract passers-by. Chalkboards are usually installed on the front part of the salon to keep clients informed about ongoing deals and offers. A chalkboard with well-defined services, an inspirational quote and contact information will soon get you traffic. Consider changing the quote on the chalkboard every day. Here are few ideas:

1. “Roses are red, violets are blue. A haircut and nails costs less than a dinner for two” 

salon quotes

2. “Fall in love with your hair all over again”

3. “Fabulous things happen inside our salon”

4. “Be your own kind of beautiful”

5. “Your first step to great hair begins here”

Being creative with salon quotes inside and outside your beauty salon is the trick to attract and retain customers. Quotes bring in positivity and inspiration, and make the world a happy place.

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