Release Notes

MioSalon Feature Release. We are continually improving by releasing new features,
removing bugs, and improving performance. Check out what we are upto.

Google calendar Integration for Booked appointment
  • The appointment reminder is now even more efficient and easy as google calender is enabled in miosalon where customer appointment will get saved in the google calendar of customer mobile.
Amazon SMS Service Integration
  • Clients from across the world can Integrate their amazon sns service account with their miosalon software account for sending the transactional or promotional sms.
SMS Vendor for Kenya Integrated
  • SMS vendor "Africas talking" is integrated with Miosalon software. Clients from Kenya can Integrate their africas talking account with their miosalon account for the sending transactional or promotional sms.
Third party coupon code collection while billing
  • Enable the collect coupon code option for the payment mode like nearby/group on for the redeemption tracking purpose.
Split up payment mode in thermal print out
  • splited payment mode with value can be viewed in thermal print out .
Online Gift voucher sale
  • Let customer to buy gift voucher online in your booking widget.Create the gift voucher for any occasions or festival and enable it online.
Cash Drawer
  • Now add multiple shift for each staff per day according to their in & out and track the same in report.
Appointment duration extention in calendar
  • Change customer service duration depends on the time it takes.Just drag down in the bottom line of the appointment to extend the time or drag the line to up to reduce the time.
Access to Report Download for Staff
  • Enable/Disable the permission for the staff to download the Report either in excel or pdf.
Unpaid/part paid history for a individual client
  • Check the individual customer unpaid/part paid amount in report section by searching with their mobile number.
Consent form
  • Collect the data about the customer before giving the service/treatment using consent form by giving them the tab..
Enable/Disable the displaying of customer number / staff in thermal print out.
  • Select the option to view the customer mobile number or staff name in the thermal print out in settings..
Reward point uploading
  • Existing customers reward point from other software can be upload in miosalon software. .
Memberships with Staff name.
  • Staff name can be view along with membership sale Report...
Language restriction removed in Customer upload.
  • Customer name/data other than English can also be uploaded in the software..
Break Shift
  • Now add multiple shift for each staff per day according to their in & out and track the same in report.
Expense previous date Enable/Disable
  • Now previous date entry can be disabled to manager to prevent the malpractice and also maintain proer data.
Tab View Billing Page
  • Now quick sale is now more user friendly in Tap.
Search item wise filter in Customer 360
  • Now apply the filter with item wise like service/product/membership for quick & easy search in customer 360 ,sale list.
Email Notification
  • Now Gift voucher & feeback link can be sent in email to customer.
Appointment confirmation
  • Getting the confirmation for customer appointment.
Sms Vendor Integration
  • Integrate and purchase the sms directly from the vendor.
Reminder Settings
  • Now click "select all" option for tagging reminders on services.
Unpaid/part paid status report
  • Collected Unpaid/Partpaid status can be checked in report now.
Multi mode payment with prepaid in Quick sale
  • Tax will be applied only on other payment mode not on the prepaid balance while using mixed payment mode.
Positive Feedback Tracking Option
  • Now track positive feedback in report option.
Product Consumption
  • Now product can be add manually based on consumption or also can be set as auto consumption
Online Booking
  • Google analytics tracking option in Online Booking Widget.
Customers upload
  • Now upload Customer in own excel formate by Mapping Upload option.
Recurring Appointment
  • Avoid manual booking for regular customers.Enable recurring appointment for auto booking.
Staff Daily Summary Sms
  • Let your staff know their sale at the day end. Enable the daily sms report in notification.
Get customer address in online booking
  • Enabled Address in online Booking to Get your customer Address also while booking specially for door services.
Customer 360 download
  • Now download your complete customer service history in a excel sheet.
Service/product upload with tax name
  • Service and Product upload change Tax name instead of Tax value.
Seach service/product/consumption prodcut
  • Search option for service, product sales and product consumption in prodcut.
New Pricing
  • New pricing model self payment option for Indian customer.
OTP based Prepaid Redemption
  • Prevent misuse of customers prepaid balance with otp verification to their mobile number.
Gift voucher Enhancement
  • Edit gift voucher value post sales also(on customer request).
Settings Enhancement
  • Automated Default Tax tag option for product, service, prepaid, package, gift vouchers, only for Indian businesses.
Settings Enhancement
  • New Data upload framework. Simple and Easy to migrate data now.
  • Bulk upload of Product Quantity.
Quick Bill EnhanceMent
  • Allow your clients to claim multiple discount vouchers on the same bill.
Stock Management Enhancement
  • In case of multi-store business, MioSalon allows keeping a structured report on transfer of stocks from one store to another.
SMS Enhancement
  • MioSalon now allows you to assign Outlet level Sender Id for SMS (Transactional/Promotional).
Tour Operator Update
  • Tour Operator live for add product and coupon. Now Learn how to add a new product and discount coupon with your personalized virtual guide.
Online Payment gateway Integration
  • Razorpay and Stripe Payment gateway integration to MioSalon Online Booking widget for Facebook and website.
Sales Report Enhancement
  • Tax value column added to the Sales Report in both live and download format.
Tour Operator Update
  • Tour Operator live for Quick Sale and Appointment page. Now Learn how to generate the bill and to book the appointment with your personalized virtual guide.
Promotional Campaign Enhancement
  • Send promotional offer to rewards points customer.Reward point segment filter available for Campaigns.
Prepaid and Gift Voucher Report Enhancement.
  • Now download Customer prepaid balance and Gift voucher reports.
Quick Books Integration
  • Easy and Automated migration of Revenue and tax data to Quickbooks Accounting Software.
Sign up Enhancement
  • Enter only your email id to Start a 15 days Free Trial for your Business.
Customer Enhancement
  • Apply Segment filters and download Customer list (as per gender, no. of visit, purchase value, etc.).
Report Enhancement
  • Download feedback report from your customers.
Appointment Calendar Enhancement
  • MioSalon allows you to freeze the booking (drag and drop option will be paused).
Report Enhancement
  • Download the Report on the Net value of Sales done by the Staffs.
Online Booking Widget Enhancement
  • MioSalon allows setting Custom theme color for Online Booking Widget for the website.
Setting Enhancement
  • Set the predefined source of advertisement platform through which customer is coming.
Quick Sale Enhancement
  • Check the history of Negative feedback on the Quick sale and the Appointment page.
Report Enhancement
  • Download Date wise Sales Report.
Quick Bill Enhancement
  • Mode of Payment is added to the Invoice SMS
MailChimp Integration
  • Integrate Changing Customer list with MailChimp mailing list and get customer segment option for the email marketing.
Setting Enhancement
  • MioSalon Allows to set up the predefined Expense option.
  • Tag the product For Internal or External Use(Internal use means consumption of the product for service and external use means for Retail sale)
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