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Mother’s Day Email Templates

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Mother’s Day Email Templates

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Sub: Spoil your Mum on Mother’s Day!

Dear <client name>,

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to let your mum know how much you love her.

While you can do it all year round, make this day extra special by bestowing her with a pampering session and more.

<Salon name> is excited to announce Mother’s Day pampering packages which are as follows:

- Hair wash and blow dry at $40

Always at your service,

<Salon name>

Sub: Mother’s Day Retail selling like Hot Cakes

Hey <clients name>,

Happy Mother’s Day to you!

This is to inform you that we at <salon name> are running a special offer on all our retail products from 8th May to 10th May 2020.

Whether there’s a serum you wanted or a shampoo, our entire retail range is on discount and is selling out like hot cakes.

Don’t believe us? Drop by at any of our outlets and see for yourself.

Waiting to hear from you,

<Salon name>

Sub: Contest Alert – Mum’s the Word!

Dear <clients name>,

Want to show your unconditional love for your mum? Enter this contest then.

<Salon name> is excited to announce its Mother’s Day contest.

Head over to our Instagram and Facebook page. Here are the rules:

- Tell us one home remedy or beauty hack your mum taught you which you still follow and upload a picture of the two of you.

Always at your service,

<Salon name>

Sub: Last-minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hello <clients name>,

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your mother this Mother’s Day?

Well, <salon name> has your back!

For all those last-minute gifting ideas, we have you covered.

We have plenty of gift vouchers available in various denominations which you can give your mother.

Waiting to host you,

<Salon name>

Sub: Mum Meets Mum!

Hello <client’s name>,

<Salon name> invites all you mothers for an exclusive evening of wine and dine and a great time.

We’re organising an exciting evening of ‘Ultimate Mother’s Day Pampering’.

There’ll be masks, manicures, munchies, mothers and so much more!

Enjoy free services, special rates on select services and take home a cute goody bag.

Always at your service,

<Salon name>

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