Auto Product Consumption

  1. Click Settings>Product> Make sure to upload the products with Internal use option “Y” or enable it manually for each product which is used for Internal use.
  2. Now go back to Settings>Service> Click the service name to which product needs to be tag so as it will deduct each time when service happened.
  3. Click on Add product option to select and tag the product which will be usually used in the service.
  4. Set the quantity that will be used in the service such that if 1 tube/bottle of a product can be used for 10 times in service, then the value to be filled in quantity box is 1/10 = 0.1, if 20 then it should be 1/20=0.2., etc. and update it.
  5. Tag the product with each service that has the same product consumption.
  6. Now the Auto Consumption of the product is enabled in the software.