Steps to Go live with Miosalon Software

Welcome to Miosalon Software. Follow the easy steps to setup your store and go live with Miosalon software in few minutes. Once your account is signed up/created in Miosalon software. Follow these steps.

  • Business Name/ Address / working hours / Business logo : Click Settings > Business settings >Click on the name> Edit the details & Save. For details Click 
  • Service / Product / membership upload : Click Settings > Upload Master Data > download the template ,fill it and upload. For details Click 
  • Staffs Names : Click Settings > Staffs > Add new staffs (tag the service while adding staff) or Replace existing staff. For details Click
  • Customers Data upload : Click Settings >Upload  Customer Data > Download the template & upload.For details Click
  • Tax Setup : Click Settings > Point of Sale > Enable the tax option > Set the tax and tag with service & product.