How to Add the Staff and to give software login access and set the limitation?

  1. Click setting>Click Staff>click on Add New staff option.
  2. Give staff details like name, Mobile number, e-mail ID ( mandatory for giving login access) and select the working time & services.
  3. For staff login, enable login access (password will be generated to staff mail id).To display the staff name in Appointment & Billing, do Enable  Appointment, and click on save button. 
  4. For login staffs, access limitation can set by clicking on Permission option and enable/disable for any module in the software so that the particular options only they can see in their login ID.
  5. To Delete the staff name, click on particular staff name and click on Delete option to delete the staff name.
  6. To update the Staff name or to change the time, click on particular staff name and edit the details.