How to sell Gift Voucher and Redeem the Voucher code?

  1. Once Gift voucher is created successfully, now to go Quick sale option to sell the gift voucher.
  2. Enter the customer details ,Click on Gift voucher tab and select the gift voucher that wanted to be sale.
  3. click on save to do the invoice, upon invoice one unique code will be generate and sent to the customer mobile number and will also display in the invoice which can be redeemed by any customer.
  4. To redeemed the voucher, customer need to bring the unique code. After the service over enter the voucher code in the Redeemed Voucher option.
  5. Upon entering the code Gift voucher name will display with value and redeem option asking to redeemed the amount for the service they took.
  6. To check the balance , enter the Voucher code in Redeemed Voucher option to check or also can be check in the report.