How to register for SMS

As per TRAI regulation DLT ( Distributed Ledger Technology) registration is mandatory for all customers who were using SMS( promotional/Transactional) for their business. DLT registration can be done with any of the Operators. You can find the DLT registration links below. From Jan 07th 2021 DLT step 03 implementation is going to be live. All ready steps 1 & 2 are in live. If the SMS template (step 03) is not registered SMS will not be delivered but SMS count will be deducted. So please complete your DLT process to avoid SMS failure.


Step 01: Principle entity ID creation (in Live)

Step 02: Header Registration (in Live)

Step 03: Content Template registration (going to live from 07th Jan 2021).


Videocon :






Once Above process completed please share your principle entity ID / sender ID/ Template ID to 


If you have any clarifications please reach our support team via chat/call @ 8448444209.


Note:  Above message is only for the customers who purchase sms from waffor. For those who have done API integration please reach your SMS Vendor to complete the above process.