How to Create Reward Points and integrated it to bill sms?

  1. Click on Campaign >Reward Point
    1. Enable or Disable Reward Points
    2. Round off Points (To Avoid decimal points)
    3. Enable/Disable reward point for services
    4. Enable/Disable points for products/packages/while selling membership/while redeeming membership disc/prepaid/Gift vouchers
    5. Enable/Disable reward point for tax
  2.  Set Reward Points for the Purchase Value
    1. Assign No of Points for minimum Value (ex. Assign 1 points to each Rs100 Bill Value)
    2. Points for each ( minimum value for which points will be generated)
    3. Value per point ( ex 1 points=100 paise).
    4. Minimum points eligible for redemption ( Set the minimum eligibility criteria)
  3. Now to integrate the reward point along with bill SMS, go to Settings>Notification>SMS Template
    1. Under SMS invoice option>Edit the template (ex : Your reward point is )
    2. Then copy and past the tag [POINTS] next to the edited sentence (i.e Your reward point is [POINTS] ) and click on save option.
    3. Also, you can click on preview option to view how its work.