How to book an appointment ?

  1. Click Appointment >New Booking option.
  2. Type the Customer Mobile number on New Booking popup page lead to two conditions1. New Customer 2. Existing Customer.
    1. First Condition if Customer is  New> it shows to  +Add Customer.
    2. Click on Add customer, new popup will appear and enter the details of that client.(*Mobile number is mandatory)
    3. Second Condition if Customer is Existing,it shows the name of that client and also previous visit history.
  3. Select Date on which appointment to be booked 
    1. Select Services > Also service can be searched. For Multiple service click Add service tab.
    2. Select Staff and Assign it .
    3. Select the Time at which service to be started.
    4. Also Resource (Rooms) can be assinged while booking if you are using. (*Resource can be added in Settings>Resource option)
    5. Booking Notes can be used to mention any customer request or leave it blank.
    6. Click on Save to successfully schedule an appointment.