Click Covid-19

Covid-19 Survey Form Templates  -> create default templates. We have created few templates to protect your staffs & customers from this Covid-19 Situation.

To enable it click create default templates we have created 2 sample templates click linked with appointment .

1. To view, the questions select preview form

2. Click edit questions to add or remove questions

Once it’s created by default, the negative feedback alert is sent to the admin user.

To add a new user, Click Settings -> Staff -> User List -> Add new user.

To receive staff notification:

Settings -> Notification -> Report Notification -> Map Branch (Staff Name) -> Choose a Report Type -> Negative Feedback -> Save.

To purchase SMS, Click ‘My Profile’ (Top right) -> My Account -> SMS Recharge -> Choose a plan -> Recharge SMS

Now you have created your COVID-19 screening survey form and enabled negative feedback alert to Staffs.

Once the customer has filled out the survey form, a report icon would be visible on the right side of the appointment.

To view the answers, click the specific appointment -> view feedback.