Appointment Calendar

  1. Once the appointment is scheduled ,it can be able to view in the calendar screen which reflect in light blue colour that indicate as new appointment.
  2. Appointment can able also be freeze by clicking on freeze option to the particular staff , for which later on that appointment cannot be edited or drag and assign to any other staff. 
  3. Appointment status can be changed for easy tracking.Following are the status that can be changed.
    1. Arrived – colour change to light orange indicate customer is came and waiting for service
    2. Started –  colour change to light green indicate customer is started taking the service.
    3. No Show – colour change to light pink indicate customers didn’t came for the service.
    4. Completed – colour change to blue indicate customers is done with the service.
  4. Once the services is completed, Click on the appointment>Click Raise sale to continue the billing.
  5. Once the bill is made for the completed appointment, it changed to default grey colour.