9 Client Text Messages you must automate on your Salon Software

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Benefits of Text Message Marketing for Salons

In the hair and beauty business, it is extremely important to maintain some kind of relationship with your existing clients. Whether it’s following up with them or sending them discount vouchers, text message marketing for salons and spas is invaluable.

Studies suggest that sending out text messages frequently to clients not just increases client retention rate but also encourages repeat purchases. However, most salons and spas seem to be hitting the wall when it comes to creating these messages. Also, sending out these messages manually can be extremely time-consuming. The good news is that with beauty salon software you can easily automate these messages and have it sent to the client within one click.

If you’re a budding salon or spa and are not too sure about the kind of messages you need to send your clients, we have you covered.

9 Client Messages you need to send your salon clients

1. Welcome message for Beauty Salon

Most salons skip this message; however, it is an important one. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. If you make your clients feel valued before they come in for their first appointment, it can make all the difference.

The best welcome message for Beauty Salon is “Hi <customer name>! We’re so excited to have you in <<Salon name>>. You can expect to hear from us <X> times a month with special offers, packages, and more. Contact us at <phone number> if you have any questions.”

Set up an automatic text or email stating that you are looking forward to seeing them. Additionally, you could also include other relevant details such as where to park and what they can expect from their treatment. You could also ask them to arrive five minutes early before the intended time. Also, a good practice is to leave them with a thank you message after the appointment is over.

2. Ask clients to review your Salon

Your salon or spa is mainly thriving because of reviews. If someone stumbles upon a Google review of your salon, they’re more likely to drop by for a service than otherwise. Set up message on your hair salon software asking clients to write a review about your salon and its services along with a link to your review page such as Facebook or Google.Positive reviews makes users to visit your Salon.  If you want to encourage more reviews from your existing clientele, make them message a little more valuable. While you could offer them some loyalty points for leaving a review, you could also bribe them with a free nail polish application on their next visit. Know how to devise and run Successful Salon Loyalty Programs to retain customers.

3. Request feedback

Many salons often confuse feedback and reviews as one and the same thing. However, they’re poles apart. Reviews help in getting your salon found on search engines while feedback helps you improve your existing services and facility. In the beauty business, client feedback matters. Most clients find it awkward to give you feedback face-to-face. The best practice is to create a questionnaire on your salon software or any other survey platform and send clients a text message along with a link. Make sure you frame your questions logically which will result in mostly positive feedback. If there are any negatives, it’s a good time to work on them.

4. Thank clients for Referrals:

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool. So, if you have clients recommending your salon or spa to their friends and family, thank them for it. Every time a new client walks into your salon, ask them if they were referred by anyone and add this information to the client profile. This will help you send out thank you messages to the referrer. If you salon follows a referral program, you could include those details in the message as well. Such kind of marketing creates positivity.

5. After service care instructions

Seldom do we see salons and spas doing this, but it’s important. While it’s mandatory to give them these instructions face-to-face, a good practice is to even follow up with a message. This will give them the feeling that you truly care about them and they’ll be more compelled to return in the future. Based on the service availed by the client, set up a few instruction-based emails.For example, if a special hair care treatment has been done, leave them a message with the washing and appropriate shampoo and conditioner to be used. If they have a written message, they’re less likely to go wrong with the aftercare.

6. Product purchase follow ups

Upselling is an art and most stylists these days excel at it. You should definitely Train your Salon staff on Upselling. If your client has purchased few products from you, it’s obvious they’ll be due for repurchase in the next three or four months depending on the quantity and frequency of usage. Automating an email on your beauty salon software asking them if they’ll like to repurchase is a good idea. If you’ve introduced any new products, you could include links to them as well which can lead them to your online store if you have one.

7. Remind clients to rebook

Some clients are just lazy when it comes to rebooking an appointment. If you haven’t seen a client in four-five weeks, send out a message reminding them to book their next appointment. If they still don’t after that, you could even lure them using Salon Offer Messages with a 10% discount voucher or an add-on service. Since they belong to the lax segment, you must make it easy for them to book by including a link in your message to your online booking page on your salon scheduling software.

8. Celebrate clients’ birthdays

Never forget to wish a client on their birthday. Collect every client’s date of birth and store it on your software. Create an email that contains a fun birthday greeting along with your logo and a discount coupon. Once you set up an Email campaign for your Clients’ birthdays, all your clients will receive this message around their birthday in a personalised format. This is a great way to delight your clients.

9. Contact inactive clients

Use your hair salon software to see who the clients are who haven’t visited in a while. Reengage lost clients with a friendly message and state that you’ve missed them. Only to urge them to book an appointment, you can include your booking link. You could also include an incentive to book such as a discount coupon that they must use within the next few days. Your clients might also be dissatisfied with your service. Identify your dissatisfied clients and turn them into bookers again.  A deadline creates urgency and encourages clients to act quickly.

If you are looking for salon software to automate all your text messages, MioSalon is at your service. Be mindful while creating text messages as sending them out often can hamper your relationship with clients or urge them to opt-out of receiving your messages in the near future.

The trick is to send targeted, personalised messages to your clients and add value to your business as well as the overall client experience.

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