Spa’s Five daily operations that need to be automated

Automation helps in increasing productivity, reducing errors and bring in higher customer experience. To run a Successful Spa Business, one must automate the following five day-to-day operations

Miosalon Appointment Calendar
Miosalon Appointment Calendar

Automation of Appointments management and allocation of stylists can be a great relief for Spa Managers because once they are sure about the status of every customer in the Spa, they can concentrate on customer experience within the store. It also helps them to reduce the waiting time for the Clients.

With MioSalon Spa Software, one can have Color coded appointment booking calendar for clear visibility of customer status and automated messages to customers to reduce no-shows with smooth drag & drop rescheduling option.

Resource Management
In a spa business, you need to manage the staff availability for performing required services, room and equipment. Controlling these factors for every appointment can be hectic as well as confusing for the managers.

And the Chances of double booking, error or incomplete booking are very high which will result in longer waiting time for the customers, lower utilization of equipment and staffs, etc. These will lead to lesser client experience and high churn rate.
With MioSalon, you can automate these factors at the appointment calendar, and the software will make sure that there will not be any mistakes, No double booking, Optimal Utilization of Resources, etc. These will help Spas to create the excellent customer experience.

Dynamic Client Feedback
It is always important to get the feedback from the customers then and there.

MioSalon Analytics
MioSalon Analytics

If the customer is happy with the experience, they may tell their friends and families. And, if the customer is not pleased also, they will say within their circle. So, it is essential to get the first-hand feedback and make sure that service quality is consistent and high across all the service team.
MioSalon Dynamic Feedback Manager can help Spa to get feedback from every customer, and an automated reminder for a negative review to the Spa manager helps to communicate fastly with unhappy clients and address the conflict.

In Spa business,

Membership card
Membership card

Membership to clients acts one of the significant ways to high customer retention.
It makes your customer feel special.
There are three types of Membership for Spa, which are popular.
Privilege Price Membership
Prepaid Membership
Package Membership
With MioSalon, Spa Businesses can efficiently manage three different types of membership.

E-gift Cards
Recently the University of Toronto has Published a research paper on Psychology of Gift- Giving and concluded that gifting an Experience is more effective and strengthening of relationship on a receiver’s point of view than a thing or physical Object.
But One thing I know that Spa Industries encashing Gift a Spa Gift card for a very long time
Customers buy gift cards for their loved ones in their favorites Spa. It also creates an opportunity for Spas to get new customers.
With MioSalon E-gift card feature help your clients to gift Spa experience to their loved ones.

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