Spa’s Five daily operations that need to be automated

Automation helps in increasing productivity, reducing errors and bring in higher customer experience. To run a Successful Spa Business, one must automate the following five day-to-day operations Scheduling Automation of Appointments management and allocation of stylists can be a great relief for Spa Managers because once they are sure about the status of every customer in the Spa,… Read More »

MioSalon works Alongside Payment Gateway

Now, Salon and Spa owner can sync the MioSalon online booking widget for Facebook and website with the payment gateway (Stripe, Razorpay). This New enhancement will help you to reduce no-shows from online booking, Reduce the number of junk leads. Online transaction processing will be faster than manual processing, and the customer ca n take services without the inconvenience… Read More »

MioSalon Software works alongside Quickbooks Software

In February 2018, we have added one more integration that is with Quickbooks accounting software. Now it’s easy to Migrate your Revenue and tax report from MioSalon to Quickbooks Some of the Major Benefit of this integration are  Migration of Data will be automated. Automated Financial Statements. Helps in Payroll assistance. Automated-reports on Creditors and Debtors. Automated-reports on… Read More »