MioSalon works Alongside Payment Gateway

Now, Salon and Spa owner can sync the MioSalon online booking widget for Facebook and website with the payment gateway (Stripe, Razorpay).

  1. This New enhancement will help you to reduce no-shows from online booking,
    Reduce the number of junk leads.
  2. Online transaction processing will be faster than manual processing, and the customer ca
    MioSalon Razorpay stripe
    Miosalon Razorpay Stripe

    n take services without the inconvenience of waiting.

  3. Having an Online booking with Payment gateway means your Salon or Spa is open for 24X7 purchase. Your customers can make payment at any time and anywhere.
  4. With MioSalon payment gateway have a secure transaction and protect sensitive data. It will protect both customer and Salon/Spa owner from fraud.

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