Improve your Salon Bottom Line with these SMS Promotional Templates

Running a beauty salon business is fun and exciting but comes with its fair share of challenges. You may have the best salon ambience and hairdressers in town, but what’s the point if you are unable to keep your chairs and cash registers full? Your time is precious, and you cannot afford to wait for clients to show up. Every no show or cancellation is a missed opportunity. While you may take it lightly, it is costing your business thousands every year and is affecting your bottom line.

But now, thanks to the power of SMS marketing, you can reduce your salon no-show rate by more than 30%. While the cost incurred of sending a text message is low, the returns are high. Besides being the most effective and quickest way of reaching out to a client, it is also a potent marketing tool for a salon.

SMS salon marketing can be used to boost sales, confirm appointments, attract new customers, interact with clients and offer top-notch customer service. Salon management software gives you the ability to send and receive text messages within minutes.

Most salons wonder if SMS marketing actually works. Here are few statistics:

  • 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receiving them.
  • 30% consumes interact with brands via SMS
  • Text messaging is the largest mobile marketing channel by revenue

Keeping this in mind, it is true that SMS marketing is the best way to create an identity for your salon.

In this blog, we have discussed few benefits of SMS marketing and how it can make your bottom line look better:

  • Appointment reminders:In today’s hyper-paced world, life can get busy and everyone is subject to forgetting. People may forget an appointment they may have taken a week ago. While they may take it lightly, it costs your salon greatly. Client no-shows increase administrative costs significantly. Sending appointment confirmation messages via SMS is the best way to deal with this. Two-way text messaging makes it easy for a salon to send appointment reminders as well as help clients confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. From a salon point of view, it improves productivity as well as profitability. Below we have highlighted two appointment reminder templates:
  • “Hey <client’s name>! Just want to remind you of your upcoming appointment at <salon name>tomorrow evening at <time>. In case you wish to cancel, call us at <phone number>. See you soon.”
  • “Hey <client’s name>, we can’t wait to see you tomorrow at <time> for your <service>. Reply to this text message with 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel your appointment. Have a great day.”

When sending your clients appointment reminders, always address them by their name. When sent via the salon management software, it will auto-detect the client’s name. Always send the reminder 24 hours before the appointment. This gives the client enough time to reorganize their schedule in case they have forgotten about it.

  • Automated scheduling:Most salon managers find text messaging a pain because they think they need to manually send individual messages to every client. Well, not anymore. By integrating SMS into your salon management software, you can automatically send reminders, text messages or even discounts to your clients at a set threshold.
  • Promotional messages:Once you have sufficient data on your clients and their preferences, you must start sending them promotional text messages. You can analyse the appointment history of your clients on the salon management software and understand what services do they avail from you the most. For instance, if you have a client who gets their hair coloured every three weeks, send them a text message reminding them it’s time for their root touch up. If you are feeling generous, you can also offer them a tiny discount. Your message can be something like – “Hey <client’s name>! We at <salon name> thought you would enjoy 10% off on your next hair colouring service.”Sending targeted promotional messages to your clients increases customer loyalty. Clients are more likely to visit your salon when they know you care about the services they avail and their overall well being.
  • Special occasions:Birthday marketing will make your salon business alive. This is the time when you should capitalise on the moment and attract clients whom you haven’t seen in a while. Sending out an annual SMS and email to your clients on their special day will make them truly happy. Your message can be something like – “Happy Birthday, <client’s name>! Drop by <salon name> to celebrate your special day and get 20% off on a service of your choice.”
  • SMS marketing:Whether you want to advertise new services, draw traffic to your website or engage with customers, SMS marketing is a great idea. Offering weekly beauty tips increases your spa’s reputation of having expert staff. Use this as an opportunity to expand your customer base too. You can also use SMS marketing as part of your referral programme. For example – “Share this message with your friend, and reply to this message to get a free blow dry at <salon name>.”
  • Return customers: An important group of customer every salon must target is their first-time clients. These are the people whom you will want to see in your salon often. If you want to see them return, send them text messages. On your salon management software, you can filter your frequent clients from your new clients, and create an SMS template to send only the latter. The kind of messages you can send this segment include:
  • “We miss you! Schedule an appointment in the next 24 hours at <salon name>, and receive a complimentary blow-dry”.
  • “We haven’t seen you in a while, and would love to see you. Book an appointment today, and receive a complimentary gift from <salon name>.”
  • Feedback after appointments:Another way salons can take advantage of SMS marketing is by asking their clients for feedback. Once a client leaves the salon premises, send them an SMS asking them to rate your services. Most clients would prefer rating your services rather than giving a long-tailed testimonial.Encourage customers to complete the surveys to access exciting rewards.Your request for feedback message can read something like – “Hope you are happy with our service. Please rate your experience on a scale of 1 (extremely unhappy) to 10 (extremely satisfied). Thank you!”

If you still have not leveraged on the benefits of SMS marketing in your MioSalon, salon management software, it’s high time you do. We understand the unique needs of the beauty industry and thus we help you harness the power of SMS marketing in your business. Experts in the salon industry find text messaging a fool-proof and cost-effective way to be seen and remembered by clients.

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