How your Hairdressers can Master Salon Client Conversation?

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When a client walks into your salon, how do you greet them? Typical replies include ‘Hi’, ‘good to see you’ and ‘I was expecting you’.The way you respond to them makes them feel warm and welcomed. You may be the best stylist, hairdresser or technician, but if you cannot talk to your clients and engage them, you’ll never be successful as a beauty therapist.

A salon client does not solely come back for your talent as a hairdresser. While they do expect to look and feel great when they leave your salon, what truly motivates them to come back is YOU! If you have impeccable listening and people skills, the client retention rate in your salon will only increase.

Although you can engage with your Salon Clients via Text messages & Emails, it is highly important to train your salon staff to have a healthy and exciting conversation with clients.

An expert in the beauty business once said that a successful salon career is more than just technical skill. Effective communication and Good Salon Etiquette shows the respect you have for a client.

When a client schedules an appointment on your beauty parlour software, they do so without any intervention. However, when they walk into your salon, they expect someone to speak to them and break that communication barrier.

In spas mainly, client conversation is extremely important. When you’re with a client for 30-60 minutes, you need to incorporate some form of small talk. If not, the treatment is just going to seem longer for both you as well as the client.

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Thus, if you lack certain client conversation skills, here are few tips that will help you practice effective etiquette. These handy points also work as great conversation starters. Read on to find out more.

Create a Relationship with your clients

Only when you establish a relationship with your client is when you’ll be able to communicate effectively with them. It’s also a key factor in building your clientele. While it may seem like a cakewalk, it takes genuine listening skills and a whole lot of patience.

A great stylist is who is involved in what a client has to say rather than focussing on what he/she wants to say.

Remember, not every client you meet will want to have a conversation with you. There are some clients who just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the treatment or simply read a book. Thus, if your client shows they’re disinterested, don’t encourage small talk without any reason.

Creating a relationship with your client is also a great way of building trust. The more they trust you; they’re likely to come back to your salon or spa to try new things. As a stylist, it is also essential that you find new ways to reinvent every guest experience. If you don’t make an attempt, another stylist will win them over and thus may earn better compensation.

Stay Focussed & Positive

When talking to guests, always make it about them and their hair. It’s never about you. No matter what the subject of conversation is, always keep it positive and light. No matter who the client in the chair is, you need to remain upbeat. Also, a client is not there for you to vent about your personal life or gossip. You can engage in small conversation but always stay neutral on all subject matters. Never confide in them or speak negatively of a co-worker. It reflects on the image of the salon.

You want your clients to associate you with being fun and friendly. Once you become an expert of small talk, you’ll come across as genuine at all times.

Recommend Hair care Products

While providing quality treatment to your clients, make sure you recommend retail products that they should invest in. Most stylists are knowledgeable about specific products and they know exactly which product will suit which kind of hair. A client in the chair looks at you as someone who knows everything about the perfect man. Thus, a great conversation starter is product recommendations. Since you get to touch a client’s hair during a service, you’ll be the best judge of what will suit them exactly. Strategic ways of recommending products is also a great upselling opportunity. When you show your clients that you truly care, they’re more likely to come back and will also leave positive feedback about your salon on the salon software.

Make Notes

There are some clients who come in more often than always. We would recommend that for all your regular clients, try and keep brief notes about their previous treatments. You can also document any relevant conversation details for future reference. The notes section in the client files on the spa software allows you to jot down important details with regard to a particular treatment.

Provide Quality Treatment

When a client walks into your salon they should receive the best treatment. As a stylist, you shouldn’t engross yourself so much in conversation that you forget the main reason a client has walked in. Remember, great conversing skills and great treatment makes you a top-notch stylist. Every return visit by a client is another first impression. When the service is perfect, it would subsequently result in boosting Salon Retail Sales.

Time is Important

Time is precious not just to you but your client too. If you’re experiencing a busy day in your salon, apologise profusely. You don’t want your client to think they’re less important. It’s always better to be upfront and honest about the situation and tell them how long it would take to finish a treatment on the client in the chair.

Remember, Time Management is key to Salon Success.

If you’re too busy, offer to reschedule their appointment and also offer a complimentary service. When a client sees that you care about their time, they’ll be willing to wait.


The whole idea of client conversation is to get clients to open up about themselves. This will help you provide them with the best possible experience. Always remember to ask your clients open-ended questions and avoid stereotypical ones. Also, listen carefully and keep taking notes in the client history section of MioSalon, salon software.

Sometimes, you may do all of the above and still may not be able to kick-off successful conversation. Instead of giving up, remember to keep trying and practising. Once you master the art of client conversation, there’s no looking back as every customer will look at you as the perfect stylist.

With great conversation comes great experience. Make every salon or spa visit memorable for your client with our beauty parlour software.

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