Fun Fridays at MioSalon – Februay Overview

Fun Fridays at MioSalon are getting like real crazy every week.

February 1st week, we engaged in a group fun activity “Think Crazy” (மாத்தி யோசி)

We all as a team have collectively engaged ourselves in interacting with each other and made irrelevant statements raised from others.

Think Crazy - Fun friday at MioSalon

Think Crazy - Fun fridays at MioSalon. Ram & Prakash interacting

Think Crazy - Fun fridays at MioSalon


February 2nd Week: Game ” Thread the Hula! ” 

We engaged in a team-building fun activity

Players will form a circle while holding hands with the hula hoop hanging on one of the player’s arms. They will start the game by passing the hula hoop around the circle without letting go of their hands.

They can achieve this by running the hoop down their arm, ducking their head in and then stepping through to pass it onto the next player.

MioSalon Fun friday game Thread the hula

Followed by Musical chair

Team Building Fun fridays at MioSalon. Musical chair


February 3rd week: Game  –  Step forward with closed eyes 

This week we engaged ourselves in trusting our co-mate.

The team will guide the other player with the command of saying the upcoming pathway.

The Player will start the game with closed eyes and need to pass by the objects slowly and reach the end line without bumping into any obstacles.

MioSalon team building fun friday

Step  forward with closed eyes - MioSalon team building activity

MioSalon team preparing for fun friday

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