10 Proven Tips for the First-time Salon Manager

Best Proven tips for the First time/ New salon manager

No matter how fascinating and glamourous the beauty industry looks from the outside, the picture of what happens on a salon floor is totally different. The air is fast-paced yet exhilarating. If you enjoy working and interacting with different people, customers and suppliers, the salon and spa industry is for you. 

However, when you embark on the first-time salon manager or owner journey, things can be challenging. There’s not just one but many things you need to focus on. You need certain management skills to effectively run a salon business. 

Though, being on the job is the best way to learn salon management, there are few essential components you can keep in mind that will come handy especially if you are a first-time salon manager.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Things Every First-time Salon Manager needs to Know

1. Communication is Key

Communication is the foundation of good management. Start by communicating with your hairdressers and stylists on small things. Establishing small talk in the beginning will help you address bigger challenges and conflicts in the future.

There are different routes you can choose when communicating with your staff. You can have a bulletin board in the staff roof where you can post information, hold weekly meetings, send group emails or use beauty salon software to ensure everyone is on the same page. Whatever you choose, remember consistent communication is key.  

2. Manage Customer Complaints

If you are new to a particular salon, the best way to find out what’s happening within the industry is to look at customer complaints. Remember, bad reviews are the low point of this industry. Therefore, it’s your job to turn them around. Check out this blog piece to learn how to handle negative reviews in your salon & spa like a pro. 

handle & Control negative feedback about your salon & spa

It is important to review the complaints and analyse them in-depth. If there is a log of complaints, check the issues and if they’re coming for the salon or for one particular team member. A good first-time salon manager will take steps to turn things around by addressing complaints. 

3. Team Building

The trick to managing employees is to create a team that works together. Therefore, as a salon manager, the biggest prerequisite is to build a strong team. While holding monthly meetings is a structured way to communicate with your team, plan activities outside the four walls of your salon as well.

Some team building ideas include team outings or organising a lunch or dinner party for your team. Did you know? Companies with engaged employees make two and half times more revenue. 

4. Targets & Budgeting

When you are a salon manager, you have an important say with regard to budgets and targets. Though you are not really the head of numbers, you need to monitor and overlook the finances of a salon. Check if there is overspending on particular products or if a client has an outstanding amount to pay.

Also, to make an impact as a salon manager, you must achieve targets. To manage budgets and targets, salon management software is ideal. It quickly generates sales reports thus keeping you on your feet and helping you keep track of salon targets. Salon revenue comparisons and business intelligence

5. Automate Everything

The secret to keeping everything in your salon under control is by leveraging on the right technology. Ditch age-old procedural methods that are stressful and opt for salon software that will automate important processes within your beauty business.

Introducing your business with technological enhancements will not just increase your overall bottom line but also result in increased client referrals. Also, salon scheduling software makes it easy for your clients to schedule appointments from anywhere. 

6. Recruitment is an Ongoing Process

A salon business is as good as its team. Hiring the best team is crucial and believe us, it is in your hands. Therefore, don’t wait until you find someone suitable to fill a spot. Keep your eyes and ears open. If there is a vacancy for any position, you must pay attention to it immediately.

You can also put certain processes into place to make sure recruitment is an ongoing process. The stage you set for the hiring process is what is really the key to your growth. 

How to hire the right salon staff

7. Create a plan of action with a goal

As a salon manager, your staff and stylists are bound to look up to you. Within the first month of your new role, make observations and note them down in a writing pad. If there are certain issues that need to be attended to, mention them as well. 

new salon manager responsibilities

Once you’ve combined the observations and issues, create a plan of action which you would like to achieve in the next three months. Be extremely detailed on the changes you would like to see and the outcome you are expecting. This plan of action will not just help you stay focused but will also help you create an impact on your team as well as salon revenue. 

8. Clutter-Free and Tidy Store

For any salon manager, the way his/her salon looks are crucial to the success of the business. It is in fact a reflection of your management style. When clients walk through your salon door, the first impression counts. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like it if there’s hair around while you’re getting a facial? No, right? It’s important to keep the salon floor clean and organised and Everyday upkeep of your salon or spa should be one of the top most priorities. 

It is your responsibility to see to that it’s done. Also, make sure the reception is clutter-free and paperless too. Switch to MioSalon, online scheduling software that will keep your salon front desk neat and tidy. 

9. Individual Meetings

Though regular meetings with your whole team is important, have individual meetings too. This will help you communicate your vision with each one, personally. This is also a great chance for you to solve any internal salon conflicts that is bothering any particular team member. 

10. Self-improvement

The last and most important tip for any first-time salon manager is self-improvement. If you are able to manage yourself, you can manage anybody. Keep working hard by educating yourself, reflecting upon your own things and listening to other people. Interact with people who belong to industries similar to yours and get their opinion on certain procedures. Never stop learning & start networking to gain different perspectives on a similar problem. 

Don’t get too stressed managing a salon. Have fun and the process will be a breeze and an enjoyable one. Managing a salon becomes lot more easier when you use a salon software like MioSalon to automate all your administrative & marketing tasks. 

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