Coronavirus (COVID-19) Screening Survey Forms FREE for ALL BUSINESSES

We made this feature free for all businesses without any restriction as a social cause. You can also use it with your existing software.

Share this feature to anyone whom you think would require. It can be used by any business, not limited to Salon & Spa

MioSalon quickly built this feature to help you protect your employees and customers

The best practice during COVID-19 crisis is to pre-screen the customers before inviting them to your business location. Your priority is to protect your employees and customers.

How it works

  • Salon/Spa receives the appointment (through online/phone).
  • The manager creates an appointment in MioSalon
  • MioSalon automatically sends an SMS/Email with Survey to know about possible exposure to Covid-19.
  • The customer fills the survey Questions and responds back.
  • If the response is suspected to have exposure to Covid-19, get an alert to the Manager or Owner.
  • Decide to accept the appointment or cancel it.
  • Created the accepted appointment in your software in use.

COVID-19 Assessment Form

You will get a default survey when you sign-up with the below questionnaires. You can also customize based on your needs.

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms?

  • Do you have fever ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have a dry cough ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have breathing difficulties ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have severe muscle aches ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have continuous chest pains or chills and shivering ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have any advice from the Government Health Department to stay quarantined for possible exposure ?

    Yes / No

  • Are you in the COVID-19 surveillance list of the Government ?

    Yes / No

  • Have you had any contact with a new coronavirus-related patient in the past 14 days ?

    Yes / No

  • Have any one of your immediate family members had contact with a new coronavirus-related patient in the past 14 days ?

    Yes / No

  • Have you visited any cities in COVID-19 affected countries in the past 14 days?

    Yes / No

*if your answer is “Yes”, we suggest to arrange immediate medical attention for you

Other Samples Questions

  • Do you have runny nose ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have diarrhea ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have chronic sneeze ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you have headache issues ?

    Yes / No

  • Do you feel tired and exhausted ?

    Yes / No

Your questions can range from generic ones like "do you have a cough?" to narrowed ones like "Have you been in close contact with any corona-infected person lately?" to get a 360 ° view of the client even before they step into your outlet.

Is it possible to run your salon & spa even during such a global outbreak?

Please closely follow the Government's update on operating rules, it varies from Countries and States.

If you are running your business, here is our recommendation to refrain from COVID-19

  1. Maintaining a proper salon etiquette
  2. Having complete control over the clients you accept.

With strict hygiene measures and sanitation you can maintain your salon etiquette but it is vital to assess your clients’ health information even before they step into your Salon or Spa.

You just have to Integrate a Coronavirus Assessment Form during Salon & Spa Appointment Booking.

Frequently Asked Questions on Survey

Can I use this Survey for Free?

Yes, this appointment management and survey is offered as free for all businesses. You do not need to pay for it. If you wish to use other features, talk to us.

Can I use this survey when I use other billing software?

Yes, we are offering this feature as a social cause. You can use this feature separately just to screen the appointment and do the regular business operation using the existing software you have.

Do I need to integrate with my current Software?

No, you can use the Miosalon’s appointment + survey module separately just as a pre-screening. Whenever you get an appointment through online booking or phone call, create an appointment in MioSalon, it will send an automated survey. Upon response from the client, you decide to create an appointment in the actual software you are using.

Do I need to pay anytime in the future?

No, you do not have to pay in the future and it is not necessary to continue to use this module post crisis. It is upto your wish to continue or not. No restriction on the payment.

Do I need to pay any additional/hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges. But you need to recharge SMS to send the survey notification. MioSalon has to pay the SMS charges to the SMS gateway provider.


How to prevent you from Coronavirus disease?
Prevention is key
  • Do use hand sanitizers before entering into the salon & spa.
  • Wash your hands for a complete 20-30 seconds to get rid of germs.
  • Avoid getting in physical contact with people who have severe cough and fever.
Be careful of clients you accept
  • Make sure your clients do not have any of the common COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Even if they arrive with acute cough, it’s your responsibility to politely refuse the appointment and rebook them after some time.
Do not compromise your employees’ health
  • Do not encourage employees to be at the workplace when they’re sick or exhibit any of the symptoms put forth by WHO.
  • Make sure they can work only when they believe to be 100% alright.
Improve your immune system
  • Eat healthy food and avoid toxins
  • Have adequate sleep everyday to help your body to rebuild the immune system
  • Have a go-to relaxation technique to reduce stress levels and refrain yourself from producing more stress hormones.

Appointment Booking + COVID-19 Assessment Form

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